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Case Study: iOldies Music Store

URL: http://www.ioldies.com

Client Profile:
Our client is in the United States and he provides specialized service in Music field.
Business Need:
The client was already having a website of I-0ldies where user can buy the music of the year they want. But the things went wrong with him, the old website was not that much attractive and having many loopholes in it. So, the client came to us with the purpose of re-designing the whole website.
Client need was very clear that:
  • Easy search
  • Easy navigation
  • Search by different categories like year, album name, song, & artist
  • Dynamic website
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Secure sign up
The main challenge of the project was that we have to give the search option where users can search by timeline with easy navigation.

Redesigning the website with a whole new look which can load faster.
We at OptiMatrix our highly qualified and experienced programmers have cracked the idea and have dealt with the certain challenges and we have overcome with the website which is alive today. By keeping the clear concept of needs in our mind our project manager and our team have given numbers of solutions to our client.
  • Real time online search
  • Easy navigation
  • A juke box where user can search by timeline and artist or by song name
  • Dynamic website
  • Share online music with social site like Facebook and Twitter
  • Android App
More to come under development are:
  • iPhone app
  • Mobile Website
Key technologies which were used in the project are
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • soap Client
Our client provides specialized service in Online Music store.

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