Mobile Application Development

Developing desktop or server based applications are now getting the thing of the past. Businesses are increasing bringing in the mobile and wireless technology into their day-to-day processes to enhance performance and support real-time enterprise behavior.

As a leading Mobile Application Development at Opti Matrix, we feel that for successful implementation of your ideas you need a partner who is an expert in consulting and can assist you in conceptualizing, developing, architecting and maintaining your infrastructure solutions. Many of our clients have achieved noticeable benefits on investment through our wireless projects.

Features of Mobile Application Development

Empowering mobile user is an extension of our history with internet-centric applications, infrastructure and services. By using expertise, you can feel assured that all your mobile applications and software will proceed without interruptions, irrespective of there are your customers and potential clients are located. We are experienced in delivering mobile application development solutions that not only meet your business objectives but also give you a platform to enhance your brand image and reach out to people in every corner of your targeted geographical location.

The efforts of Opti Matrix related to wireless enterprise caters to every kind of service including

  • Entertainment
  • Gaming experience
  • Sharing of information
  • Weather updates
  • Site surfing
  • Business development applications
  • Small device solutions

Opti Matrix have all the right tools for rapid, secure, and reliable mobile application development and timely delivery. We use the open source based technology to leverage the power of J2ME, J2EE, Java, CORBA, and .Net.

Hire iPhone Developer

iPhone developers at Opti Matrix keep themselves updated with latest programming tools and iPhone development technology, so that quality rich development and superlative iPhone Applications can be developed for all our clients. Our highly efficient iPhone developers are proficient in the following areas of iPhone Application development:

  • Games development
  • Utility applications
  • Language conversion
  • Multimedia
  • Medical
  • Business
  • Music
  • Book publishing
  • Lifestyle
  • Maps and navigation
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
Android Programming

Android is truly a revolutionary platform, which encompasses hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java. Since android is a highly versatile and flexible mobile operating system, our programming team uses comprehensive set of tools such as debugger, handset emulators and so on. Mobile Development services for Android offer a huge range of specialized services in this particular section. Opti Matrix create high end Android applications in communication, multimedia, shopping, office, business, entertainment and much more!

Hire Android Developer

Opti Matrix have experts who can design Android Applications for you within days. As the country’s primary mobile application development company, we offer such a dexterous combination of skills and experience that you’ll find it tough not to like us.

Till date we have done robust mobile application development for clients in India, Canada, Australia, United States, and from other countries. We can

  • Add a mobile device interface to your existing applications.
  • Enhance your existing mobile application infrastructure with a location-based service component.
  • Build smarter mobile applications that your esteemed customers can bank on.
  • Give you a rich and efficient user experience.
Mobile Application Programming

At the basics, mobile application programming happens at two levels – mobile web and mobile application development. Mobile web is all about making a website smartphone friendly. With that you, as a business, are required to make significant adjustments to traditional websites for the highly efficient smaller screen resolution for a mobile device. Some organizations also like to create a completely new website intended for smartphone use only.

Websites that are developed for common monitor generally have the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Since smartphones display a much smaller resolution, (screen resolution on the iPhone 3GS is 480 x 320 pixels), the functionalities and designing of the website needs to be kept in mind.

To correctly read or review all the data on a mobile devise, an unaltered website is most likely to show manipulative information. We test all the applications for you, especially from a usability perspective. By outsourcing your mobile application development, you can promote your business move on from a typical application to GPS location functions, sophisticated data integration, image manipulation, forms and surveys, content management, event planning, VOIP, and on and on.

iPhone Programming

iPhone programming has come a long way since its inception. There is no reduction of reasons that convince you to get an iPhone application development made for your business using the right iPhone Programming. No matter how big or small your business is, you can really make a difference by investing in this latest technology. A thoughtful iPhone application elevates to a company to faster farther success levels, with the potential of tapping new customers or sustaining the ones already with you, easy. iPhone programming is done to supplement your unique business needs within your budget, a task that only a learned iPhone application developer can do.

Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

Opti Matrix has a small, yet efficient and dedicated team of mobile application developers who can design any application, customized as per your taste and budget. By outsourcing these mobile application development tasks, you can create an enhanced environment for your clients. We can build these applications right from scratch to meet all your specific requirements. Here’s a peak into what we offer:

  • Application porting or Platform Migration
  • M Commerce - Mobile payment solutions
  • Mobile catalogs
  • Mobile websites with XHTML-XP/WAP-WML
  • SMS Push-Pull applications

If this is what you have in mind, contact us today with your requirements.