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Requirements for your Guest Post to be eligible:
  • A minimum of 500+ words per guest post
  • Well structured writing and easy-understandable language. Please proofread your post properly.
  • Exclusive for this blog only (it means that you can't post it on any other blog/forum etc.)
  • We don't accept guest post promoting any affiliate product. You are free to link to any service or products directly and please don't submit a product review.
  • You can link to the articles, website related to the content. But please don't do it excessively or link to bad neighborhood website.
  • Don't submit any list type of post which are simple to write for you but not good in terms of knowledge shared like "5 Tools to check Google Rankings" or "5 Content Management System". You know they are easy to write but has not got much value and hence we won't accept such post most* of the time.
  • Please keep blog standards in MIND. Don't submit article directory kind of quality post to this blog as it will be not be published.
  • Images speaks thousand words. Do add relevant images to make your post more visually appealing. If you are a video blogger, a video in your post would be handy for readers. Article's images need to attached via email.
  • Rich application development
  • Comment : Comments are the conversation and when your article is published. Try to answer any query related to your article via comments. This will give you more exposure and help readers.
  • Maximum of 1 back links of your own site. Your back link should only be in byline.

Popular Topics to Blog On:
  • Blogging
  • Internet Business & Marketing (includes affiliate marketing tips, email marketing, make money online etc.)
  • Social Media
  • SEO (only if there is something new in it)
  • Web Design and Development tips
If any topic is not listed above, then do submit your guest post if you feel it will suit this blog niche if you have done any research within this blog.

If you are ready to guest post; Then just read how to guest post on
  • Send your guest post on
  • If your Article meets the requirement above it will be published on

Update (20/04/2013): My guest posting guidelines have changed

"Due to an overwhelming amount of guest post submissions, issues with quality, lack of attention to previous submission instructions, RUDE and repetitive emails, We have decided that we will no longer be accepting guest posts from random writers. We accept guest posts only from a limited number of writers who are understand the value of guest blogging.

Guest post submissions will now require $10

Your post will be reviewed by us first and if it is approved, and then we will notify you via email. After that you need to pay the charges as we have mentioned earlier. Until and Unless we won't charge you anything if your post is not relevant."

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