ExtJS Development

ExtJS Development

ExtJS Development

ExtJS is a cross browser JavaScript UI library, which is used to build rich internet application. ExtJS contains a wide range of widgets, an extensible component model and a set of easy-to-use API to create a robust base for JavaScript based web application.

We at Opti Matrix provide all kind of ExtJS development services, starting from embedding simple ExtJS widget on HTML page to complex ExtJS plugin development or creating a rich UI based internet application completely using ExtJS.
ExtJS stands out among other competing JavaScript for it UI rendering capability. If ExtJS did not have the ability to bring structure to the UI portion, then it would not be much different than other JavaScript Library like jQuery or ProtoType.

Looking for a new web application to be developed using ExtJS?

With our extremely experienced ExtJS developers we have deployed quite a few large scaple ExtJS based RIA. We have few web application developers, who are specialized in ExtJS development and ExtJS plugin development. If you are looking for a rich UI based web application, then you must go for ExtJS. ExtJS is very good for business web applications. So if you intend to develop any web application for your business, then contact us for a free consultation and we would be happy to help you with our expertise in ExtJS development.

Having a ExtJS application and looking for maintenance or modification?
Do you already have a ExtJS based web application and looking for a company / developer to maintain it? If so, then you are reading the right web page. Our ExtJS development services also cover maintenance or modification of existing ExtJS based web application. You may just get your job done with a fixed amount of money or you may hire us (one of our ExtJS developers) to work and support your ExtJS web application continuously with a fixed monthly cost.

So if you are willing to build a web application using ExtJS or if you are looking for someone to support your existing product, then we are one of your top selections. Just write us and we will come back to you with all the detail of our services and costing for ExtJS development.

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