CakePHP Development

CakePHP Development

CakePHP Development

Selecting PHP-MySQL for development of a web application facilitates and benefits in various ways. The major benefit is the turnaround time. The turnaround time of a project is much quicker when developing in PHP. It is even faster when we use a proven framework to build the web application on. One of such proven frameworks is CakePHP. Selecting CakePHP as a core framework of the development does not only saves money and cost, but also take cares of the security measures, speediness of the project by using caching technology and lots of other features.

CakePHP is the most favourite PHP web application development framework used by the web developers’ worldwide. This is an MVC framework and has all the features that a framework requires to be called MVC (Model – View – Controller). An MVC Framework is a style of developing web application in more modular way. Basically this architecture divides the whole application in 3 parts, Module, View and Controller. Where Modules basically represents various database tables used, Views are used to display the content to the user and Controllers are used to write all the programmers to fetch data from the database using the Modules and displaying the contents using the Views.

CakePHP framework has a strong module for database transaction. Probably the database engine of CakePHP is the most favourite database engine. The reason of being favourite is the ease and simplicity of use of the database module. It has also a beautiful routing engine which makes life easier while dealing with search engine and user friendly URLs.

As you are on this page, most probably you are looking for CakePHP developers to work on CakePHP Web Application. If so, then you have reached the correct place. Opti Matrix is one of the most promising CakePHP development companies in India. We have a team of sound CakePHP programmers India. If you are looking highly experienced CakePHP developers for your CakePHP web application, then you can hire qualified and experienced CakePHP developers from us with a cheaper cost.

We provide support for web application development using CakePHP from scratch and also we provide support for maintenance of project developed in CakePHP. Even if you have an unfinished project in CakePHP, we can help you to take your project from there and complete it.

We have flexible monthly packages for CakePHP developers india. You can hire CakePHP developer from us on monthly basis or hourly basis. Just put us a email and we shall come back to you with more details on our CakePHP development.

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