CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter Framework

What is CodeIgniter?

Well, first of all if you have reached the page while searching for “CodeIgniter PHP Framework Services India“, then probably you already know about CodeIgniter. Then you may just skip this paragraph and read the proceeding to know about our CodeIgniter PHP framework services India. Code Igniter is a very popular and probably most light weight, well proven MVC architecture. CodeIgniter is not heavy, complex or robust like other familiar frameworks, but it is light weight, easy to setup and easy to work on. It takes just a few minutes to setup a virtual directory workspace using CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter has all the required features that generally a developer look for while selecting an MVC framework, though it does not have any good database layer. For this reason some people don’t love to work with CodeIgniter, but again for the same reason other loves CodeIgniter as it gives you the total control over database layer by letting you write your own SQL queries. We suggest you to use CodeIgniter PHP framework if your project is a small or medium scale project, which has less complex data structure and more attractive user interface.

CodeIgniter is such an easy to understand framework that any experienced PHP developer who has reviewed a PHP project done on CodeIgniter can easily detect the work of different developers over the phases of the project as though you were an archaeologist peering into a deep vault and witnessing the march of different cultures in their respective epochs. We have such kind of highly experienced PHP developers, who are even familiar with CodeIgniter framework and are perfectly ready to work on your existing project on CodeIgniter or to build a new project from scratch using CodeIgniter.

After working with and experimenting with all the available PHP MVC frameworks, CodeIgniter has come out as the winner at many firms, mostly because it supports just enough freedom within its organizational dynamic to allow developers to work fast. Thus we also have a fascination towards CodeIgniter as it makes us developing project faster. Freedom means that with CodeIgniter, we don’t have to name your database tables a certain way, nor do you have to name your models after your tables. This makes CodeIgniter the perfect choice to refactor a legacy PHP application.

So if you are looking your project to be developed in a modular way and at the same time within a short span of time then CodeIgniter is your best choice. CodeIgniter doesn’t require a huge footprint of code, nor does it require plugging in to huge libraries like PEAR. It works equally well in PHP 4 or PHP 5, which allow us to create fairly portable applications.

If you would you like to a hire CodeIgniter developer or need suggestion and support for your project, then contact us without any hesitation and we’ll be in service of you.

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