10 Awesome and Unique Social Icon Designs

No website is complete without social icons and nowadays it is actually very hard to find a website that doesn’t have any social media icons. They are great as they allow viewers to easily share a websites content with people in their social networks. This increases views by a substantial amount, which is perfect for the owner of the website as more people can find out about their website and a lot of money can be generated through advertisements and the like. There are thousands of different social icons out there to choose from. This article will show you the 10 most awesome and unique icons that are available.

OLED Social Icons

These social icons were designed as an experiment and they turned out great. There are 21 different icons available that all look like glowing OLED displays. If you want your website to look cool and your social media buttons to stand out then these icons are a fantastic call.

Social Icons Hand Drawned

There are a lot of amazing hand drawn social icons available but these icons are one of the best. The designer has taken the most popular website icons and added a little extra character to them. You only need to read the comments to see how happy people are with these awesome social icons.

Burnt Wood: A Social Media Icon Set

The Burnt Wood social icons were designed by Chris Thurman of Visual Swirl. The design is incredibly simple but really effective at the same time. 12 popular social icons were taken and made to look like they had been burnt into a piece of wood. These icons are said to be perfect for any grunge-styled website, but we think they would suit many other types of website as well.

Hand Stitched Social Media Icons

This set of social icons only has the icons for Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Twitter but they definitely deserve a place on this list. Each icon is made to look like a little bit of fabric stitched to the background. They are incredibly elegant and would be suitable for a wide range of different websites.

Tiny Social Icons Enhanced

It seems like most of the best social icons have a simplistic design. Tiny Social Icons Enhanced takes some of the most popular social sites icons and makes a few little to changes to them. All the icons are square and it can easily be seen what website they are for. These icons would work well with any minimalistic website.

Social Icons 2

Social Icons 2 were designed by Michael Shanks. He has taken many social media icons and made them look three dimensional. The colours that are used are really bright and do a fantastic job of making the social icons stand out, which is always a good thing. If you really want people to share your content then Social Icons 2 may be the icons for you.

Latte Art Social Icons

These social icons really are one of a kind, and if you are a coffee lover you will fall in love with them instantly. This is because each social icon is placed in a coffee mug, with the logo made out of what looks like the frothy milk. If you are looking for unique then these social icons will be perfect for you.

Iconshock Icon Set

This set of social icons are of amazing quality. They were specially created for hongkiat readers by Iconshock. The social icons are made to look like little paintings, and they are done superbly. If your website is in some way related to art or you want your website to be abstract then these social icons will be right up your street.

Social Media Icons

Not the most creative of names, but these social icons are really creative. You can choose from two different sets of social icons. One set has a coloured background and on the other set the background is clear, it depends which set will suit your website. The icons look like they have been sketched with a pencil which creates are really unique look.


The Ribbon-Pack icons were designed by Michael Grafenberger and includes 34 different social icons. The design is awesome as each social icon looks like a little banner hanging down. They would be suitable to use on all kinds of different websites.

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