3 Biggest Content Marketing Success Secrets – Revealed!

Good content starts with good writing, a clear outline, and good intuition on what you think your audience wants to hear (or be informed about), but it doesn’t end there. To do your content justice, you need to make it stand out, from its competition, get to its audience, and really connect with its target audience… well written work gives you a head start, but it only gets you so far.

Another thing that your content needs to do is be good SEO. Yes likes and retweets will drive traffic to your website, but making your work SEO friendly will better your page’s ranking and increase the traffic flow ten folds. Well worded sentences are good, but now its time to bring out the big guns:

Its only well read if its well posted:

Your content is not just about how well you write. How much people read and share your work depends directly on the number of people that read your work. There are two reasons why someone would invest internet surfing time reading an article, or a post. The page, or blog where he found it was reliable, and that makes the reader certain that the read will be worth his while, or he came to that page looking to gain information on the genre that your topic is focused in.

Building credibility takes time, building a blog that gives good easy to read credible information on one general topic even more so. That is why it is a good idea to post your work in well reputed blogs, that boost your topic of interest. Your readers will know you’re credible and worth reading if the blog admin approves of your work,and you’ll be spreading your content… its a beautiful system.

Give your work the ‘Ables’ :

This covers the other two pointers:

Make it readable:

Good content is like a good story, no matter how well written it is, if its not divided into chapters, parts and volumes, the whole thing becomes muddled up and confusing… and a brilliant piece of work loses its overall value.

Formatting your work so that is it easy to read is crucial. Divide your work into subheadings and pointers, to give it structure. Even if it is just three to four hundred words long, your readers will appreciate a piece that seems well structured, as it is easier to read, retain and enjoy.

Make it searchable:

Some words you use because you like them, some are used because they complement the topic at hand well, however, some words and catch phrases are used to increase your posts rating and direct traffic your way. When searching for content relating to your topic, your target audience, uses some ‘buzz words’. These words if present in your work bring up its ranking in the result for that query.

The more people read your work the more searchable it’ll become, thanks to your readers likes and retweets (this is where the excellently written content helps).

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