3 Innovative PHP Tools and Applications

Every major website in the world, including the giant social media sites are using PHP, an open source scripting language which offers faster performance when compared to other scripting languages. The PHP tools provide ready to use scripts, detailed documentations and frameworks that can be supported by different platforms. Moreover, PHP offers great tools which other scripting languages don’t thus making it the preferred choice for most developers. The following are some of the best PHP tools and applications which help improve your level of comfort when working with this server side script writing language.

PHP Applications and Tools


PHPFastCache is available free of charge from the caching library for PHP. It’s a single file which web developers use for caching. It’s has become the preference of many professionals because it’s easy to use while also helping to improve the overall performance of the web pages that are being developed. This tool makes it possible to reduce the amount of load on the database hence improving on the application’s speed of performance. The well distributed object caching system assists to cache the database load hence steeping up the web page speed by up to 1000 times. This fantastic tool comes complete with APC, PDO, X Cache, Win cache, app ache and MemCached PHP files. All these take a maximum of 50 MB of space per file. This user friendly and highly functional scripting tool has endeared many developers to work with it.

ICE Coder

ICE Coder is a tool that makes it possible for code editors to build websites using a single code. With this open source code, programmers can create web pages online or offline, but with one browser or program only. ICE coder also facilitate the testing of the website on real web servers so as to figure out if it really works well and if there are problems, corrections can be made when there is still enough time. Moreover, a website build with this tool requires very little maintenance because the only things required are a reliable internet connection and a modern browser. The system can be customized and integrated with web based services. These factors make ICE code editing tool for PHP a speedy tool for smart web developers.


Whoops offer PHP developers a clean and smart library which assists them to manage errors and exceptions. It provides a code which can be used for entire range of frames and offers a simple API to handle trace frames and all the data that can be integrated with it. This excellent tool supports AJAX and JSON requests and includes lists of providers such as Zend framework 2 and Silex which offers support to work on varied platforms. Developers are able to frame analysis and comments by using custom made middle-ware. Moreover, PHP tools offers the best chat services such as the one used at sky contact center.

The above PHP applications and tools have helped both new and seasoned designers in a variety of ways. The new entrants in the field have an opportunity to learn about server side scripting techniques and language which is required for developing highly functional and creative websites. For intelligent and smart web developers, learning and implementing these three PHP tools is quite easy.

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