3 Simple and Effective Long Term SEO Solutions

For the past two years or so, search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated and complex that keep web blogs on their toes. No longer enjoying the symbiotic relationship of the mid-2000s, finding a way to go around the situation would mean scavenging into previously identifiable tactics and innovating new strategies to ensure steady flow of traffic.

One needs to understand though that when it comes to online promotional tactics through blogging, having a lead is deemed valuable as it do more than capture customer’s details but as well as their level of interest to your blog. It is much like comparing cold-calling and interest calling. It is the very idea that lures in current and potential audiences into your product or service for increase conversion and returns.

Luckily, the long drought is finally over as web blogs are making a huge comeback in the online search engine optimization scene. The main reason behind this accomplishment can be attributed to three things, namely, improved quality content, social media exposure and guest blogging. To understand these, here are notable aspects that will make you understand how these reliable lead generation tactics can affect search engine optimization of your web blog.

Make Quality Content Top Priority

Steer clear of the proverbial “black hat”, SEO’s aggressive son. Considered a good traffic hoarder in a not-so-distant past, these tactics are deemed unethical in today’s highly complicated search engine crawlers. Pandas and penguins continually crawls web blogs and have become more refined in detecting unscrupulous actions. Contextual search methods has become more elaborate that keywords used by SEO experts have to be carefully analysed and laid out from both short and long tailed ends to ensure capturing attention of engine crawlers. Blog contents do not just rely on the landing page alone but must encompass everything from cover to cover. This, however, must be carefully propped up on a solid editorial calendar to ensure constant updates knowing that crawlers are always on the prowl for fresh content.

Content Promotion through Social Media

Web marketing has, indeed, changed its skin as people become more highly dependent on social networking. Not so long ago, the use of Twitter and Facebook are highly debatable and social bookmarking seem to be an unsteady ground to walk on but today, this seems to be not the case. Social sharing is as common as brushing one’s teeth and bloggers need to use this identifiable opportunity to strengthen lead generation coming into their site. This is one of the reasons why most web blogs have the quintessential social buttons incorporated on web blogs and even to static websites. Be reminded though that the more qualitative content, the higher is its chance to be shared and the more “shares” you get, the higher the chances of growth on lead generation. In effect, combined efforts of good quality content and social sharing will generate more traffic and much better rankings.

Use the Blogosphere to Generate Backlinks

But you would not want to settle with just better, would you? Lead generation to your blog sites must always be optimized to perform its best. The only way to achieve this is to engage in a comprehensive effort and this is where guest blogging comes in. One of the major benefits of guest blogging is on how you can build-up rapport with other established and influential bloggers. This could put you in a great advantage as you will be exposed to its strong following. Capturing the interest of their readers is a sure-winner in generating strong links to our site. You might also easily identify guest posting’s effect on generating more targeted traffic, higher opt-in rates and, not surprisingly, more email subscribers. As a natural self-promotion tactic, when combined with strong quality content and wise use of social sharing, backlinks can come pouring in thereby putting your search engine rankings at its best spot.

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This post was contributed by our guest, Mo Raja. He currently works within the marketing team at Protect Your Bubble UK, a specialist insurer of gadgets and mobile phones.

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