4 Essential Apps for SEO Marketers

Search engine optimization is the key that will take your online marketing campaign from so-so to highly successful. However, because the industry is constantly evolving and every company knows about SEO, you have to keep evolving as well. One of the best ways to do so is by using newer, fresher tools and employing smarter strategies — like letting your phone do some of the work for you.

Get Down to Basics with Google Analytics

You probably already use Google Analytics to keep up with your website, blog and social networking sites. However, with the ability to use it on your BlackBerry 10, you can now keep up with all of those details no matter where you are.

This app is essential because your analytics could change, so constantly tracking them is necessary to run your business. Even if you’re on vacation, you can track repeat visits to your site, new referrals and their sources, the data for your mobile traffic and which devices visitors use to reach your site.

You always be one step ahead of your competitors by enabling better user experience to with the ability to use it on yourour websites, or mobile sites, and by measuring the value of that new app you just spent so much money on.

Say Hello to Trello

If you ever get confused while you’re trying to keep up with your latest projects, your marketing campaigns, your newsletters and any other initiatives you’re working on, Trello is your next must-have app. Instead of checking off your to-do list, the app does it for you. It’s a type-A list-making app that lets you categorize as many tasks as you like in as many ways as you like.

You can adjust your to-do lists based on priority, the size of the task, the length of a project and the dates your initiatives are due. This decreases your chances of making a mistake or missing an important deadline. The app allows you to brainstorm freely, and by having it on your mobile device, you’ll be able to keep track of whenever creativity randomly strikes.

Note cards enable you to write down your ideas, and then elaborate on the ideas by creating lists or saving files to the card.

Stroke Your Company’s Ego Using Ego

In some ways, Ego is like other SEO apps you use. For example, it will give you a detailed analysis of all your SEO related progress, as well as comprehensive reports. The differences set Ego apart from all the other apps you’re using.

Do you obsessively check the Internet to discover who’s talking about you, who’s saying good things and who’s saying bad things? With Ego, you don’t have to waste those hours any longer. The app gathers information from Twitter, Facebook and other blogs, then provides full reports about what people think of you.

Ego also integrates the other apps you use, like Mint or Google Analytics, so that you can access all of your SEO tracking statistics in one place.

Gather Guest Posts with iSEO

Guest posting is essential for SEO because it allows you to use other sites’ popularity. The core benefit of iSEO is its ability to show you the stats of other pages, both in your niche and out of it. It lets you easily analyze information to discover if a particular site is a good fit for a guest post from you. In addition to helping you spy on the competition, it will let you know if a site accepts guest posts.

With these apps, you can easily take your SEO skills to the limit while improving your company’s blog or website. What’s your favorite way to use SEO to increase your credibility?

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