4 Latest Website Design and Development Trends of 2013

The field of website design and development has been undergoing continuous changes. The kind of designs that appealed to the web visitors even few years back are on the verge of becoming obsolete. On the other hand, designers and developers are constantly on the lookout for techniques and strategies that can offer the websites with a promising look and better functionality. The present year 2013 has also witnessed the evolution of certain developments in the arena of web designing.

Now, as a business entrepreneur with a website representing your business, it is good to keep track of these trends. This is so, because with times, the visitors or the users of the site are becoming more tech- savvy and hence, it is getting difficult to satisfy and impress them.

Here is a discussion of some of these emerging trends that you must take into account.

Responsive Design is In
The widespread availability of smartphones, tablets and many such devices has paved the way for users to browse internet via these devices. Now, websites that look perfect when accessed from desktops and laptops result in broken images and wrong alignment when viewed from devices with varying display and screen resolutions. Responsive website design leads to the creation of websites that can be viewed from multiple screens. Thus, using the popular tool of CSS3 media queries has become a trend in itself. Designers and developers are going for responsive websites with flexible grids and fluid images. These websites are offering a near perfect user experience.

Enlarged Headers and Logos
The outer appearance of a website and its potential to instantly appeal to the web traffic is gaining increasing importance. The headers should be such that act as a bait to capture the attention of the visitors. At the same time, it should offer some important information and leave a long- lasting impression. An oversized logo saves the user’s time in clicking a lot to get some essential information about the company, represented by the website.

Flat Colours
Keeping things as simple as possible is the main motto when it comes to modern website design and development. Minimal decoration with less skeuomorphic interfaces are in increasing preference. The prominent visual trends that are expected to get even more popular in the present year are clear layouts, flat style and app- style interfaces.

Striking Typography with Varying Fonts
The idea of incorporating websites with fixed site navigation has been in practice for a while. However, these days, developers prefer a mixture of the different sized fonts together. The purpose of designing is brilliantly reflected by the molding and twisting of the various fonts. Ideal typography makes the website way more appealing to the onlookers.

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