5 Best Android Tips that Every Developer Should Know

Are you an Android Developer? Do you want to know the secrets of a successful Android Developer? If your answer is yes then you must know certain tips that every developer is following to make their apps a big success.

Some mobile applications in play store are quite famous from the very beginning while other apps don’t even get a hit. Do you know why? What should a developer do to get the attention of users? Here are few tricks and tips to follow:

1.Follow Designing Guidelines:

There are certain guidelines which Google has decided to follow for every app developer. If you are still unaware of those guidelines, then please refer to them first. They are really important to follow in order to get attention of users.

2.Pay Attention to User Input:

You can improve your app greatly by analyzing to the user inputs. Users love to see the changes they require in the Android apps. Try to give them some option to give their feedback and then you can work accordingly.One way to stay competitive is to delivering the new and unique updates continuously.

3.Get Drowned in Android:

Android developers do not use Android devices for themselves. This should not be the case with you. The more you use the device, the more you come to know about it. You should also take part in android community discussions and get the best out of it. This tip will help you to improve your understanding and abilities of Android app development.

4.Apps Optimization:

Now a days with the availability of superfast smartphones, users are tend to like good performance apps. If your app is a slow performer and sluggish, there are high chances of failure. You need to work on speed and the size of your app. Optimize the app to avoid unnecessary use of Space and RAM.

5.Develop Your App for Multiple Devices:

Different users have different devices and models of android. You need to make your Android app compatible for all the available devices in market. Also take care of Android OS versions. The best way is to use density-independent pixels in your layouts.

We hope with the above tips, you will be able to develop more usable and advanced Android apps. If you are looking for more tips or an Android apps development company, you can visit us at https://www.optiinfo.com/.

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