5 Essential Elements of a Social Media Strategy

It is very important to plan social media campaign strategy for every organization. It gives you context for the current social plays in customer communication. With the help of competitor analysis, you can learn from the state of play and identify strategic opportunities. Here are the 5 essential elements of any social media strategy.

1. Audit scope of competitor activity

To build a clear picture of how your competitors are currently using social media, you need someone specialist to spend time on their profiles and reading content. You need to put yourself in the shoe of customer, start following organization, post replies and ask questions. When you follow your competitor and trace their activity, you can play yours accordingly.

2. Assess role of social as customer service

Some industries have been smart at aligning social media with customer service. For example, using a dedicated Twitter account for announcements and customer care. This way you would be able to reach maximum customers without any hassle.

You can ask your customers to post their feedback and complaints on the social account and be a proactive respondent to them. If you can offer better services socially as compared to your competitors, it could be a quick win for you.

3. Assess competitor strengths & weaknesses

You should use a structured approach to comparing your competitor strengths and weaknesses with yours to help you keep ahead of them. Look for following things for that:

-If it is done by everyone, keep it as a minimum activity

-If it is not being done by others, you can swoop in and become the leader

-What is the customer’s feedback and do the needful

4. Identify what customers respond to

There is a huge difference in being active and being heard. Smart organizations always measure success based in audience engagement and not based on their activity. You can keep a watch on your competitor’s timeline from Facebook and Twitter.

Keeping track of their social profiles will help you to shape your social media campaign plan. You should incorporate all those tactic into your activity so that you can find the high value opportunities.

5. Use this knowledge to inform your strategy

Take the insight you gained from doing competitor analysis and use it to plan your strategies but do not copy their entire strategy. You should use that knowledge and shape yours because a social media strategy should involve branding and it should be ensured to align with goals and visions.

I hope that this small article on top 5 essential elements of any social media strategy of any organization will help you a lot in your campaign. Further you can also take help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure your appearance on the top of search pages. For more information on that, you can visit our website.

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