5 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Ahead

The mobile app development industry is continuing to evolve year after year. At the end of this year, we can say that we saw this market is getting more and more matured from smartphones and tablets to wearable device and Internet of Things. Now that 2016 is about to start, we will try to discuss top 10 mobile and android application development to look ahead.

1. Swift Programming Language

Now that Apple has developed the Swift Programming Language, it is certain that developers need to learn this along with Objective C in order to be an accomplished iOS developer. Time for adoption of new technologies and products has come now.

2. Cloud Driven Technology

Cloud technology is playing a key role in mobile app development since 2014. Usage of multiple wearable technology a smartphones have increased and it has increased the requirement of could based technology approach. Cloud approach allows developers programs works on multiple devices having multiple features.

3. Wearable Technology

The trend of wearable devices was started with Apple Watch. Before, wearable devices were limited upto healthcare and fitness industry. But, now with the latest technology, they have improved their efficiency and productivity. Mobile app development will be extended to more wearable applications for home and industry use in this year.

4. Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The Internet-of-Things is growing like anything since 2014. More and more people are getting connected using multiple devices. Google has brought a new era in android application development with IoT as each and every single device is getting connected with each other and being smarter. This will inspire obile app developers to focus more on connecting various devices in 2016.

5. Big Data and App Analysis

The need of app analysis and app performance tracking will grow among the decision makers in different industries as IoT and wearable market is also growing. Mobile app development market will continue to focus on adding more and more data to their apps and this will lead to need of big data.

Optimatrix is one of the leading company in iOS and android application development field. We always try to keep up with the changes and do our job. This article was to throw a light on the latest trends in mobile development market and help developers.

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