5 Most Creative and Effective tools for Your Online Selling Business in 2016

Are you searching a perfect tool which can help you to kick start your online selling business? Do you want a content management system which gets numerous benefits to your online selling store? Well, you can find a number of different excellent online selling tools here in this article:


Magento is an open source COM that can be used for developing high-end online stores. Magento currently is owned by the ecommerce giant, eBay. One of the most beautiful thing about it is that it is a fully featured community edition which is free to use and suits all kind of businesses from small to large, and also has an Enterprise edition which has some extra features for big organizations.

Users can find a number of beautiful and attractive themes along with library of plugins which are free to download and use. If we look at the figures, Magento is used by more than 240K people and predicted to be one of the best online selling tool for 2016.

Channel Advisor

Another most popular cloud-based eCommerce tool is Channel Advisor. It is a tool for integrating, managing and optimizing your online sales on various stores present on eBay, Amazon, Google etc. Channel Advisor is a favorite tool of many people and is very popular in the market due to all these features.This tool is liked by many people due to its way to accessing to new and alternative sales channels, accessing, and product listing. With the help of it, a seller can submit the data to multiple market places.


One better online accounting tool is Xero. It mainly targets small business and helps them to access the tool from anywhere, anytime and update their financial information. It includes purchase orders, online invoicing, sales, payroll, purchase tracking, reporting, and many more. According to me, it is one of the easiest tool to use in the market today.


e-Junkie helps to turn your passion project into an online business with easy and simple tools. It is a hugely popular online selling tool and also supports both tangible and digital downloads.With the help of this tool, you can have an embeddable, lightweight shopping cart that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Vendio is a great cloud based platform for managing sales activities on different store channels like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. It includes a set of tools for listing on a number of inventory over all selling channels, online market places, shipping software and managing orders etc. you can also get an option for automated personalized emails, image hosting and cross promotions.

So all of these 5 tools are very interesting to watch out in the year 2016. You can be an expert in online selling if you efficiently use all of the above tools. If you want to learn more on CMS, and other tools, ask us at https://www.optiinfo.com

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