5 Reasons to Use Slack to Strengthen your Business

Communication is a key to success in any business. It makes business processes more productive and simpler while giving them agility and flexibility if communication in proper. With the technological advancements in today’s world, many apps and software have evolved to keep a fine balance between work and life culture while communicating well.

Slack is also one of such web based app which offers a number of business benefits and strengthens your business. It is a team chatting and communication messenger platform. Moreover, it is fully customizable and works in all types of devices. Here are top 5 reasons to use it in your business:

1.Seamless integration

The very first reason is that it can be integrated with other custom enterprise apps like Google, Microsoft and other ERPs. Additionally it also gets integrated seamlessly with 3rd party messaging clients like Skype and more.


It is fully customized. It means companies can develop according to their own preferences and requirements. This customization includes messaging, app integration and team development. Once fully customized, slack becomes the great app for communication.


While being fully customizable, it also offers flexibility of shortcuts to developers. With such a flexible API, you can re-schedule planning and manage various processes in collaborative projects. You can also share project queries, updates etc.

4.Instant file sharing

You can also share files instantly in 3rd party apps like Dropbox, Google Drive by combining with slack. Users will get a preview of that link on pasting the Google Drive link in chat.

5.Task management

You can manage different tasks like planning, scheduling and reporting effectively using slack. All these business processes become easier while using slack. Moreover, it also offers performance monitoring facility for companies.

Overall, slack can take your business to the next level by improving communication and business processes. If you think that you should have slack at your place, contact a slack developer today and get started. Or you can also contact OptiMatrix for slack business development at www.optiinfo.com

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