5 Reasons Why Your Internet Marketing Is Not Helping Your Business

If you are familiar with the world of Internet marketing, then you know how valuable it is to your business. As a result, you’ve employed all of the tactics and tricks there are to promote your website, but they just don’t seem to be working.

The solution could be as simple as the fact that you’re doing absolutely all the right things, but going about them the absolute wrong way. The key to successful Internet marketing is not only knowing the skills, but applying them effectively. Here are six reasons why your Internet marketing efforts may not be helping your business:

Your Website Lacks Appeal

Internet marketing begins with your website, from the content on each page to the layout of the design. If your site is not attractive, has poorly-written pages, targets the wrong audience or is not easy to navigate, it may be turning visitors away. Before any hardcore marketing can be done to your site, these issues must be addressed at the foundation.

Keywords Are Restricted

Blogging is a hot strategy in Internet marketing these days to drive customers to your site. However, neglecting to use relevant keywords to bring in visitors will ensure that it’s a waste of time.

For example, if your blog concentrates on corporate securities law, it should have relevant wording placed throughout the site to help it achieve high rankings on the search engines. The content on your blog should also be regularly updated and appealing to keep customers coming back.

SEO should not be only used in the content on your pages but in other parts of your site. If you are not using SEO-friendly content in your headings, titles, meta description and alt text, you site is not optimized to climb up the search engine ladder.

Poor Pay Per Click Ads

If you don’t have the proper keywords for your PPC ads or your copy is weak, it won’t bring leads your way. Another mistake may be that once a person clicks on your ad, your site is an instant turnoff — therefore, you’re losing customers but paying for them to visit anyway!

Weak Email Marketing

Sending out marketing emails can be tricky, and you may have fallen into the trap that causes customers to not come your way. Your subject should have a catchy title and your content should be creative. The email content could also be too long, too short or have an overly sales-y tone that makes your efforts less effective.

Neglecting Social Media

You may be using social media the wrong way to promote your business. If you’re not looking for ways to engage your audience on your site like posting videos and offering contests, you’re missing out on valuable social media marketing opportunities. Give your audience something to come to your page for, not just the promotion of your product or service. Also, make sure you are targeting the right audiences on your social platforms.

Improper Submissions to Web Directories

If you’re submitting your website to directories improperly, you will not get the publicity to bring visitors to your site. Make sure you are submitting to the top directories and not just a ton of spammy free ones, that your information is correct and that your picture and caption are eye-catching to draw readers in.

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