5 Tips to Attract Massive Traffic from Your YouTube Videos

YouTube videos can bring you massive traffic to your website. In fact, it can be a good way to market your website virally through YouTube videos. But, you have to know what compel people to visit your website after watching your video. Once you know about it, you’ll have no problem in attracting traffic to your website with your videos. Here are 5 tips to attract massive traffic from your YouTube videos:

1. Create “incomplete video”

This is a trick that many people use to attract traffic to their website using videos. You can create an incomplete video that will lead your audience to your website for the complete version. Incomplete video means that the video will only feature general tips or ideas. The full ideas and more in-depth explanation will be available on your website. If your audience wants to know about it, there is no choice for them other than to visit your website to find out the full ideas for themselves.

2. Put A Pop Up Message

In your video, you can put a pop up message that persuade people to come visit your website. The trick is simple. Let’s say that you’re talking about how to do push up correctly. Now, while you explain about how to do that in an easy step-by-step manner, you can invite your audience to visit your website when you mention something that needs to be explained further and not included in the video. In this way, your audience will come to your website to find out more explanation about certain movements or any other necessary tips.

3. Create Interesting Video That Speaks To Your Audience

It can be said that interesting videos will win your audience’s attention. If you just create a plain video showing yourself talking about whatever you’re an expert about, then your audience might not find your video very interesting. But, when you add some animation or some interesting video effects, it would make your video way more interesting. More importantly, you have to speak to your audience in the way that interests them. It means that you have to use your passion in your video so that your audience can take your message clearly and enthusiastically.

4. Write Strong Call To Action In Your Description

Usually, people will take a look at the video description first before they commit into watching your video in full. If the description is not appealing, then they’ll likely to switch into another video that will interest them more. That’s why you have to write a strong call to action in your description so that people might find your video appealing as well as interesting to watch. Invite people to visit your website after watching your video in your video description. This step is important.

5. Brand Your Video

Now, the last thing that you should do is to brand your video. By branding your video, it means that you’ll put your website name in your video (as if it is a special broadcast program from your website). In this way, when people find your video interesting, they’ll try to search your other videos and eventually want to visit your website. Branding creates a strong reputation for your video as well as command more people to trust the validity of your video (they’ll likely follow your tips and advice).

Those are 5 tips to attract massive traffic from your YouTube videos. Follow the tips above to maximize the result of your video marketing campaign.

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