5 Top Mistakes in Online Marketing for Small Business

Over the last years, the number of users of the Internet—buyers and sellers—has increased in a significant way. Based on this growth, new techniques and strategies to reach these users have appeared, including online Marketing. On the net you can find different costumers profiles that make use of services and programs, trying to satisfy their multiple needs. For this reason, Marketing can be the answer to guide companies towards a segmentation of those users in order to make profit from that. Many businesses, especially those that are in the start up stage, find in Marketing considerable benefits like saving time and money, creating new strategies designed directly for niche market, developing a close relationship with them, exploiting the full potential of the company and creating a positive brand image of it on the net.

As the use of online marketing is a novelty and operates in a fairly flexible fashion, there are not fixed procedures that result in success. As a consequence, there are a lot of mistakes that are likely to appear when implementing Marketing. Below some of the most relevant ones will be mentioned:

1- Underestimate

This mistake usually happens because of ignorance about what Marketing online is, what it means and how it works. Moreover, there is a phobia associated to the use of marketing and how to implement it. What is important to keep in mind is that the Internet is a significant part of the users that Marketing aims to reach. For this reason, it is necessary to assimilate how to implement the discipline, or if not, to hire experts to help the company to learn and apply strategies to be part of the online world.

2- Overestimate

On the other hand, another mistake is to rely too much on the Internet Marketing. It is necessary, of course, though it is not enough by itself. As in any enterprise, it is important to bear in mind the entire picture. For instance, whenever a faulty product or service is acquired, or when it does not cover real needs, it is illogical to rely just on marketing as the unique way to sort it out. Thus, it is paramount to take it for what it is, neither underestimate nor overestimate, it is a discipline that needs to be interrelated with others in order to fulfil its function.

3- No Planning

When venturing in an enterprise, there are usually a lot of objectives to accomplish like the short and long term goals. In Marketing it is advisable to do the same. Once those objectives are established, the second step is to develop a strategy to achieve them. Both, objectives and strategies should be created together with Marketing professionals, who are the best prepared to advice about the real possibilities to reach them. Whenever there is a plan, with clear goals and effective strategies, it is easier to accomplish it and then it is possible to go back and fix the problems that may appear, we do this with oMelhorTrato.com. On the other hand, without a fixed plan, it is likely that Marketing activities are misleading and the expected result may not be achieved.

4 – No Updating

Once the decision of applying marketing in your business is taken, and the strategy is established, it is important to create with the consumers a two-way relationship; that is to say, an active relationship. Nowadays, the use of the TICs–Technology Information and Comunication—require a fluid communication among the participant, promoting a constant feedback, and a regular refresh of the information published online. If the messages created seem interesting but they are not constantly updated with useful and relevant information, the customers’ interest will decrease and it will be more difficult to keep them loyal.

5- No Persevere

Whatever the activity people do in life, it is essential to persevere. It is a quality of those that succed. Online Marketing takes time to understand it and to make it work properly. Never give up, specified the goals, keep them clear, look for experts, and then keep creating and thinking new ways until you find the perfect strategy for your business.

Online marketing is a road that starts easy but hardly ends. We should continue analyzing, confirming, readjusting strategies, messages and plans to ensure that the best for customers is being doing.

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From Cordoba Siglo 21 University, Virginia Gonzalez, Public Relations student with elMejorTrato.com.

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