5 ways to reduce load time of your website

It’s a worse feeling when you find the bounce rate on your website and it’s just because of slow loading. It just happens because visitors don’t have patience to wait for landing page. But don’t worry! If you find that your website is running slow, there are plenty of things you can do with it and here we are with the 5 easy ways to reduce load time of your website.

Too many Plug-in:there are many new plug-in available in the market which promise you to deliver the best result. And this is something fishy and you’ll get into trap easily. Without checking properly installing such plug-in will be tedious for your website. So before making live check such plug-in.

Homepage:there is no need that your homepage should look like a sitemap. It is natural that showcasing everything on front page is done. But keeping everything on a page that to widgets may slow the load time. So keep it simple and as needed information on your website.

Images:the higher the size and resolution image you keep will automatically increase the load time. Don’t take it wrong here we are talking about adequate amount of image. Keep image with good resolution but don’t rust for it by putting it all together.

Free themes:there are many free themes available in the internet world. But free things are free they may come with spyware, virus which are headache for your site and this may also ruin speed. So check the theme before you make your website live.

Hosting service provider: there are plenty of web hosting provider in the market. In this competitive you’ll get the service provider who’ll charge you less but that can also affect your website speed. So go for the good hosting service provider.

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