6 Must Have WordPress Plugins to Help Improve Your SEO

If you dream of making a living out of blogging, you need to use the best blogging platform which is WordPress. Currently, WordPress offers the best blogging features for blogging success. It is however important to note that you have to use the best WordPress features including plugins to get the best blogging experience. Some of the most important WordPress plugins are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins. Below are some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

All-in-One SEO Plugin Pack

This SEO plugin for WordPress is also among the best SEO plugins. The plugin takes care of numerous issues i.e. generating meta tags, customizing titles, optimizing URL structure, adding archive sections and no index tags etc. In summary, the plugin will take care of all SEO needs for your site or blog.

SEO Content Control

This WordPress SEO blog is perfect for controlling content quality. After recent updates such as the panda update, many bloggers are focused towards content quality – and rightfully so. This is because of obvious reasons i.e. low quality content attracts penalties from search engines. If you want to be on top of your content game, you must consider this plugin. SEO Content Control helps you to control content in numerous ways i.e. identify missing titles, meta descriptions among other exclusions that impact SEO rankings.

SEO Rank Reporter

As the name suggests, this plugin is best for checking your blog ranking. SEO’s, webmasters and bloggers generally check organic rankings via third party SEO tools and others even check manually on Google on a regular basis. In case you are among this group of bloggers, the SEO Rank Reporter is the perfect WordPress SEO Plugin for carrying out the above tasks. This plugin goes further to report SEO ranking statistics/data after every 3 days. The plugin also reports unusual statistics/information immediately.

SEO Ultimate

This plugin is among the best SEO plugins for WordPress if you want to take SEO to the next level. The plugin handles for you all the taxing SEO jobs i.e. setting up canonical, changing robot.txt files etc. The plugin is among the best SEO plugins for WordPress because of a number of reasons the most notable being; the plugin can be synchronized with other plugins i.e. the all-in-one plugin to offer superior combined functionality. You therefore don’t need to make many changes to avoid conflict when you install the plugin.

SEO Friendly Image plugin

This is another good WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin is specifically meant to optimize images. Many bloggers overlook image optimization. This shouldn’t be the case. Because images are categorized as content by search engines, you must consider optimizing them. The SEO friendly Image plugin is currently the best image optimization tool for WordPress blogs. If you are keen on being the best, you shouldn’t ignore this plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is also among the best plugins for site maps. Because you must update your site regularly you need to ensure your sitemap is up to date so that search engines are able to find your blog posts easily. Google XML Sitemaps plugin helps you to ensure that your sitemap is updated always.

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