6 Practical Tactics to Boost E-commerce Traffic and Sales

Many of the E-commerce owners must be thinking that how Flipkart, Amazon and other big companies have become so successful. It might be possible that you will not get the enough traffic and hence not generate sales if you don’t apply marketing tactics. Here we present six ideas that would help you to do your online business in a better way.

1. Newsletter Sign-ups

There is an audience group who always looks for free newsletter subscriptions. Unfortunately, many of the E-commerce development websites does not have this functionality at all. This is due to not understanding the importance of it. Actually, emails are the most efficient way of marketing so always try to gather more emails as possible. You can run free newsletter signup by offering free incentives and offers.

2. Product Page Description

Make sure that your product page description is having good and readable GUI. Description of every product should be presented in such a way that it engages the visitor and attracts them to read.

Try to use an attractive product image that can be seen properly and bullet points that highlights the key features and benefits of the product. This will help visitors to learn more and chances will increase that they buy the product.

3. Unique checkout page

Your checkout page must have something unique which can be your competitive advantage. Companies now days use different types of checkout pages like multipage, single page and traditional page checkout. You can add a side bar with some advantages and sales conventions for users.

4. Take Care of Add-to-Cart Button

Another factor that impacts your E-commerce business is the add-to-cart button. A good idea is to display a guarantee seal of the product near this button. You can also mention free shipping details and other offers near this button or on this button to attract more buyers.

5. About Us Page

About us page is one of the important place where most of the companies fails. Most of the time companies does not care of about us page and end up designing it very boring. This page is the opportunity where companies can add-up some storytelling of the company. People attracts towards the company only if they find the company strong and appealing.

6. Product-Specific Landing Pages

Companies can also try to add product-specific pages that can list products on payment bases. For e.g. homepage can show there kinds of products. This will help to enhance the conversion rates between visitors and you.

These 6 practical tactics will definitely help you to increase E-Commerce sales. If you have more ideas then you can go on and add them in the comment section below. Or you can contact a web development company if you want us to help you to increase your E-Commerce sales.

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