8 Android 6.0 a.k.a. Marshmallow Features

Android is getting better with every new version releases. Bugs are getting fixed and smartphones are becoming more secure from leaks. Besides, every Android has brought some new features for its users. And Marshmallow OS is not out of the list.

If you still have not updated your OS to Marshmallow, it is the right time to go for it. It has many new features which helps users to get better experience. Here are the top 10 hidden features that not known by everyone.

1.Google Now on Tap

Well, the most important feature in Marshmallow is hidden from many people. Google Now on tap is available for your android apps. When you are in any app, you just need to press and hold the home button. And Google Now does it for you. It will scan all the related information for you and display them as cards.

2.OK Google” available all the time

Many of you must have missed this feature. In Android 6.0, you can say “OK Google” anytime when the phone screen is active, and Google will let you ask any question or search any information using the Google search bar.

3.File Explorer

It is usual that Android users use many third-party file explorers because the default file manager is not so good. But this problem has come to an end. Marshmallow comes with a powerful file explorer which allows you to view and organize your files just like a third-party file explorer does.

4.Lock Screen Message

It is quite possible that you lose your mobile phone somewhere. At that time, the person who finds the phone is just unable to verify whose phone is it. Marshmallow has a hidden feature to overcome that problem. You can just leave a lock screen message with your contact details which is displayed on the lock screen.

5.Customized Quick Settings and Status Bar

Android 6.0 System UI has a Tuner which allows you to customize the Android UI. You can just open the quick settings menu and then tap and hold the Settings gear icon which is displayed on the upper right corner. This way your System UI Tuner will be added to settings and you could customize the UI.

6.Show Battery Percentage on Status Bar

Sometimes you need to install the third-party app to see the exact battery percentage remaining on your Android phone. This problem has been resolved in Marshmallow. You can just swipe down the status bar using two fingers and you will be able to see the exact battery percentage remaining.

7.Smarter Volume Controls

In the Lollipop version of Android, Google had messed up the volume settings. But this has been fixed in Marshmallow. You can press the volume buttons and get individual sliders for adjusting volumes for music, timer, notifications and ringtone.

8.Manage App Permissions

It has become easier to manage app permissions in Marshmallow. You can easily revoke access if you want a certain app to log your location and have access to your phone’s microphone. With this, Android Apps Development also has become easier.

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