A Must-Have Guide on Writing a Killer Press Release

Press Release is one of the effective tools that you could use if you want to announce an event such as product launching, fund raising, new investment and other similar events.

Also, press release is an effective tool in making the people aware of certain issues like unpopular passed laws, international news affecting various countries and other controversial issues.

Writing an effective press release is neither difficult nor expensive. All you have to do is make sure that you are able to send clearly your message across by writing concisely and by answering the what, who, where, when questions. In other terms, your press release must contain the complete information that people must know. Keep in mind that the goal of press release is to “capture” the attention of the target readers.

There’s more on how to make your press release effective. It doesn’t stop on just providing the complete details of an event or issue.

To help you further, we have these guidelines on how to write a killer press release.

1. Your press release must be relevant

Keep in mind why you are doing the press release. Make sure that the issue or event that you will cover captures the interest of your target readers or the readers in general. Otherwise, no one would read it and it would defeat the purpose of press release.

See what are the latest issues, news or events. You can start from there. You can also make your research to ensure that you have a newsworthy press release.

2. Identify your target readers

Identifying your target readers is very important so that you would know what writing style or words should be used to attract them. If you are writing for executives or businessmen then your writing style and words must be for them. Same thing if you are writing a press release for teens regarding the hottest gig in town. There, know your readers and write appropriately.

3. Start with attention grabbing headline

The purpose of press release is to grab attention and to reach as many readers as possible; it will be advantageous on your end if you will have an attention grabbing headline.

An attention grabbing headline is something that is timely, something that is intriguing for your readers or something that makes them excited and read for more. Your title must stimulate the emotion and mind of your readers. If you are successful in doing this, they will surely read for more.

4. Write a clear content

Unlike other forms of writing, press release must be direct and concise. It has to be informative and has to answer basic questions of the topic or issue. The sentences should not be winding and the words must be simple and understandable to common people. Remember that you are writing to inform, the simpler the words, the better. Also, your writing has to be engaging.

5. Follow the format

Press release has a recognizable format and you have to follow it in order to write an effective press release. A press release usually consists of standard title, contact information, press release headline, body and conclusion.

The standard title usually consists of “For Immediate Release” texts. For the contact information, make sure that it is complete and you have the updated contact numbers. You have to be reachable to your readers in case that they have questions. The aim of having a press release is to get the response, so be reachable.

As for the press release headline, it must have the power to capture the attention of your readers in just 3-5 seconds. It must be give the idea of what the content of the press release. Do not mislead your readers.

For the body, as what we have informed earlier, it must give complete information of the issues or the topic.

Then you have the conclusion, you must include your contact details and what the organization is all about and its objective.

6. Know where to distribute and when to distribute

Once you are done with your press release, you must know where you will distribute them in order to reach your target market or readers. There are lots sites that accept free press releases; there are also popular paid sites. It’s up to you to identify the most effective venues in order to meet your objective.

Aside from online, you can also make use of radio, television and print ads such as newspapers to distribute your press release, the wider the scope of your avenue, the better.

When you already identified where you will distribute your press release, you have to greatly consider the timing. You must choose the time when there is a big assurance that your target readers will be able to know or read your press release. It can be during weekends for the newspapers, in the morning for the radio stations, morning, and lunchtime and at night for televisions.

You must strategically position yourself.

In essence, you would know that you have written an effective press release if you are able to get the desired response from your target audience. It is all about writing effectively and reaching your target readers in a timely manner.

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