Affiliate Marketing Tips for Newbies

More young entrepreneurs in Britain are being encouraged to set up shop with government start-up loans. Millions have already received the new business loans in the hopes of setting up a successful business and becoming their own boss. However, at the start of a venture, budding start-ups have to learn that without marketing, a business cannot flourish. Here is some advice to reaching your business goals through the power of marketing.

Affiliate yourself with a business you like. Following a lifelong passion or hobby can start you off with the knowledge and drive towards making your business succeed. However, you will find along the way that business is not just about pleasure but also about tough decisions in order to make money. A year into the business, you may find that your starting point is not enough to help its growth and that steering yourself in another direction is more profitable. This will test your business acumen as well as your drive to succeed. However, if your hobby has turned into a business passion, this probably won’t present itself as a problem.


Research the ins and outs of the industry you are aiming to target. Don’t just research areas which most relate to the company but also industries which can also provide a good partnership for your business. Use forums and blogs to gain a real insight into problems you may face, what is most important when setting up a business and the latest news which could affect your future prospects.


It is important to sometimes know your limitations. Rather than struggling to get things done with little experience, outsource these aspects of the company to trained professionals in order to produce things like content, a good website and blogs. As the owner of the business, the direction and growth of the company should be your main focus and not worrying about facets which others can do more efficiently.

Use the internet to its full potential

Add LinkedIn to your favourite social media sites. LinkedIn is aimed at a more business minded audience with more disposable income. Becoming well known here can generate contacts, revenue and future business. LinkedIn also has services such as an event service if you want to hold a promotional marketing occasion, forums and groups for specific types of businesses and all the latest news and advice from top professionals. Alongside Facebook and Twitter, these three channels can be a strong force for a new business.


If you don’t know these two terms, start reading. SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) marketing will put your business in the limelight. By using techniques such as blogging with contextual links and pay per click advertising, not only will this drive traffic to your business and heighten your chances of being found on search engine sites, but it will also allow you to track which demographics are clicking on your adverts and from where. If you have a company blog, you can monetize your blog indirectly by showing your customers through your writing that you have high levels of knowledge and experience which will drive more people to your site which will ultimately increase sales.


The best companies have a public face, someone who is at the helm and is noticeable to customers on news stories and websites. Take responsibility as the creator of the business when faced with difficulties, handling outside business as well as financial accountability. This will make your company appear more approachable and more professional.

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