All You Need to Know about Li-Fi: Technology that Offers Broadband at Lightning Speed

Since a long years you have been used and aware of wi-fi as a powerful technology that offers internet access locally. But, nowadays wireless technology passes through the transition between Wi-Fi and a new, light-based technology for offering the high-speed wireless communication.

Let us get to know more about a network which is less listened but much effective. This is the technology that works under the principles of light communication. In a report it is said that, it has a theoretical speed of 224 gigabytes per second.

Li-Fi itself stands for Light fidelity. This is the service which runs as a bidirectional. It is far more the best technology that works wireless and also observed 100 times faster as compared to li-fi.

However it is not popular and a regular source nowadays like people are installing wi-fi at their home. So, this lightning fast broadband communication technology would be available for public use over the next 3 to 4 years. This wait is worth as it would require just an LED bulb to get way fast Internet access, and there would be no radio signals interference.

So much benefits and no drawback how is that possible. Li-fi also carries few drawback with itself. The outside environment condition such as sunlight and other not suitable environmental condition. Also, its use is restricted to an area not separated by walls because visible light cannot travel through walls.

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