Android Application development in India

The internet and the mobile phone revolution enabled businesses to explore new avenues and markets that didn’t exist before. Technology has developed at such an astonishing pace in the last 25 years that the world has changed fundamentally in ways that we didn’t imagine previously.

The advent of the personal computers led to unprecedented access to the people through the internet. If this wasn’t enough the smart phone revolution happened and now virtually everyone is online 24/7. This means that businesses and companies can sell their wares at all times.

The mobile phone market came up with application s for mobiles developed by third parties. Goggle’s Android operating system for mobile phone devices is the most used O.S on the planet at the moment. Google has set strict guidelines and policies to follow for app makers. The app developers cannot flout a single rule if they want to make their app available on the app store.

The Indian market for mobile application development is booming and has a lot of potential. Since the population is huge, businesses function smoother and faster if they have a presence on the internet. Some of the companies and businesses have gone a step further and have developed their own apps to facilitate the buying, selling and maintenance of their goods. These apps make the process easier than it was previously.

Opti Matrix is one of those& mobile app development companies that are ahead of the curve so to speak. It was launched about a year back and it has developed some really cool applications that are unique but still have that Opti Matrix vibe about them. The company also develops websites along with apps.

The company is based out of Ahmadabad but it does work throughout the country by outsourcing talent from the client’s place of business.

Although the application industry is in its nascent stages in India, it has nailed the basic framework needed to function and is only going to grow in stature.

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