Android application market

Google is a major company in today’s world. It is in fact one of the top 3 companies that help the world function. Of its many business interests, Google is most known for its search engine. That is how the company made its proverbial ‘bones’ in the market or industry. The search engine earned enough dividends for the company to expand its horizons into other avenues namely the Mobile app market and the mobile Operating System market.

Google’s O.S for mobiles is called Android and currently it leads the market in terms of sales. Google has also introduced a feature called Mobile app indexing. This feature basically lets Google index apps like websites using similar algorithms. Deep links appear for any app that you search, providing a comprehensive customer experience. For example if you search for a particular movie on Google, then not only will the search results for the website appear but it will also show results from a relevant app like the IMDB app.

Application content is the content that is used for any application. All the written work and images used by an application can be considered as app content. Application content is very important. Application developers have to ensure that their content is original or else Google Play (another of Google’s many services) will take action against you for infringing upon its copyright policy.

Application development for Android is a serious and competitive business owing to the massive number of people that have mobile phones function through the Android O.S. A lot of applications are released and created on a daily basis to cater to that huge customer base. Since Google is responsible for all content on its O.S, the mobile application market for Android is a strict one.

If an application developer manages to adhere to all the rules laid down by Google then he/she can proceed to developing an app according to their own plans provided that all of the content utilized by the application is original.

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