Android provides better customization than Apple

Mobile users have been in a constant debate about which amongst Android and Apple is a better phone. Apple doubtlessly has a stunning exterior. Apple phones are sturdy and last for years together, but when it comes to customization of applications. Android is more flexible.

Apple lacks the flexibility when it comes to customizing the widgets, installing privacy settings and other such trivial details. This is something Apple users miss immensely.

Android Developers aim at providing maximum flexibility to users.

Few Android flexibility apps which are not available in Apple phones are :-

  • Re-organizing Widgets

Apple phones have a fixed format for widgets. Unlike Android phones which allow the user to place widgets wherever they want. It also lets users re size the widgets and place it according to their convenience. The icons of the widgets are also better than the iPhone. They are interactive and more appealing than Apple widgets.

  • App organization

Android app development makes sure android users are provided comfort and flexibility to organize applications. Users can place apps they use frequently on the home screen. This feature is not available in Apple. Users do not have the liberty to change the organization of apps.

  • Time Keeping

Android phones provide a better time keeping option than Apple. Android users can check the time instantly without pressing a single key on the phone. IPhones on the other hand have to be unlocked or tapped inorder to see the time

  • Keyboard and Swipe gestures

Most Android phones are much bigger in size than Apple. This means the keyboard option is also better. Android app developers give the option of punctuation marks along with the alphabets; this means you do not have to keep changing the keyboard constantly. Apple phones lack this feature.

Apart from being more flexible, Android provides a better platform to download applications. A wide range of android applications can be downloaded from the Play Store. Not many applications are available in the Apple Store.

This clearly proves the Android provides better customization than Apple.

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