Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Develop First?

One of the most confusing question for every app developer is, “Which platform should I choose to develop first, Android or iOS?” There are many different aspects to look when considering the answer of this question. Today, we will discuss some of the top aspects which will help to get the answer to this question.

Why Android first?

AHere are the reasons why you should go for Android first:

– If you want your app to have the broadest reach, android should be your first choice

– Android provides ad-support so if your app is going to have ad, it makes sense to develop android app first

– If you want your app to reach globally and not locally, android platform can help you in that

– Android supports specific hardware that you want to leverage, so if it is the case, go for android first

– Google play store evaluates every app’s competitive position so in such a scenario, go for android first

Why iOS first?

Each platform has its own set of interface guidelines and that applies in iOS also. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why iOS first:

– Project management and requirements analysis can be shared in iOS

– Graphics team can also be shared in iOS

– iOS is a closed system, that means you will be having the total control over your app

– It depends on what type of app you are developing. Statistics say that iOS users are more attracted to news publishers

– Apple has clear guidelines for how an app should look and behave. So if you are clear about that, go for iOS first

So it is feasible to say that both platforms serves different purposes. It totally depends on your preferences which to develop first. Regardless of platforms, both are able to utilize backend database with an API. Both the platforms can be tested well using automated testing scripts. And both the platforms can share the information between each other.

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