AngularJS – Understanding the future of web development

With the latest technology, we can enhance HTML using JavaScript in many ways. Some of the famous techniques are:

  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js
  • Angular.js

Among all, AngularJS is the most used technique nowadays. So, today we will be discussing about how to use AngularJS in web development.

Angular JS is an open source web application framework and has been built by Google. It has been specially designed for front-end development. This open source framework is very easy to implement and also easy to test.Using it, we can boost the HTML 5 development with Model View Controller structure capability. Moreover, it is a client-side technology so it is not dependent on any library.Many of us have seen one page websites (parallax website) which can be developed easily using AngularJS.

It is easy to learn and implement for web developers and novice programmers. Here are some simple tips to configure and use in in your HTML pages:

-First of all, you need to add “ng-app” HTML Tag which defines the AngularJS page in your web application

-Remember that Angular Script does not always need to be called within

-You can add AngularJS script anywhere in the HTML page using double curly brackets.

Building-blocks of AngularJS

Directives:AngularJS has a number of different features including directives. They makes it very handy and extremely useful. Directives are used to manipulate DOM attributes within HTML tags.

Data Binding: Data binding feature helps to reduce the coding required by developers in the typical web applications.

Two Way Data Binding:Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS has two way data binding system which is used to bind the template components and the model to be merged in the view.

Advantages of AngularJS

-It is a next generation framework with some useful features for both developers and designers.

-The concept and coding is very simple to remember and does not require any high learning.

-Any changes made in the model will reflect in the view without any additional effort.

Being a professional website development company, we extensively use AngularJS in all our web development projects and make the most out of it. We believe that it helps to make websites more efficient and matches the client requirements in a better way. We also have dedicated resources for all the web development services. You can learn more about us at

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