Apple announced iOS 9, stole tons of new features from Google’s Android

In the technological and communications obsessed world of today, Apple and Google are two giants that cannot be ignored when it comes to sleek new products that are head and shoulders above the competition. It is no wonder either, that these two technological giants more often than not are each other’s closest rival.

Google has its own operating system for smartphones called the Android. More than 1 billion Android smartphones were shipped in 2014! Comparatively Apple sales are nowhere near yet its brand recall and brand loyalty are higher than that of Google. Apple recently announced an updated version for its indigenous operating system across all devices – the iOS 9. And if certain sections of the media are to be believed then it has stolen quite some features off of the Android O.S of Google.

Many gizmo geeks might be surprised at this because Apple has always had a reputation for being the leader when it comes to innovation and technology. However this time it seems to have drifted from its often chosen path.

This only means that Google has finally caused the powers that be at Apple to sweat with its Android features and technological wizardry. The elders were right! Resilience always pays off.

Some of the features that Apple has reportedly stolen from Android are the proactive features of Siri (Google now), Keyboard shortcuts and the new Notes app (Google Keep). Additionally Apple has even copied new transit features which were already available in Google Maps.

The list doesn’t end there! Apple is reported to also have stolen the following: Spotlight suggestions (available in Google Now) and low-power battery mode (already present in Android since Lollipop), picture-in-picture video (from Samsung’s Pop-Up Play) and the split-screen mode and multi-tasking for the iPad (available on Samsung and also L.G phones).

This just goes to show that everybody steals! And some Apple fans are actually rejoicing because now they can get the same functionality that Android offers from their beloved and sleeker Apple phone.

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