Apple Swift: A New Programming Language for iOS

Last year Apple announced a new programming language called Swift at World Wide Web Consortium. It replaced the earlier language used in iOS, Objective-C. Swift programming language is now used for OS X and iOS Application Development.

The new Swift programming language is faster, safer and more interactive.IOS application development in Swift is fun for developers. This language can definitely be used for entire iOS project development. Not only this, the good news for old app developers is that Swift also works side by side with the earlier Objective-C.That means, the app developed in Swift will have the full advantage and power of Object Oriented Programming Concepts.

More Powerful Language

Swift has been developed as the result of the research on programming languages. In the past one year, software industry has been driven to a new dimension with its powerful features. Syntax has been improved in Swift and with this, coders can develop persuasive code that can be considered more reliable.

Syntax Features of Swift

  • Protocol extensions
  • Unified keyword rules for functions and methods
  • Robust control flow

Easy Error Handling

With the new error handling model implemented in Swift, it has become easy to throw away errors. Programmers can define their own set of error types with recognizable names.

Advantages of Swift in IOS Application Development

  • Type Interface:Type interface allows coders to spend less time on risk making mistakes while annotating variables. This decreases the number of errors in the code significantly
  • Concept of Generics: Generics function allows to reuse the code with different variable types. It is not required to write the function code again.
  • String Handling:It is very easy to handle string in Swift as compared to other languages like C
  • Concept of Playground:This feature allows coders to see changes and effects to the code while they type
  • Safe and Efficient in Memory Management
  • More Readable and Clean Code
  • Flexible and Lightweight Classes can be created

With the use of Swift Programming Language and its high performance compiler, programmers can definitely develop very powerful and fast apps. Especially, programmers can make the most out of modern hardware. Additionally, this language supports existing Objective-C libraries in the project. That means you don’t need to worry about writing your entire code again.

So if you are a programming geek, start creating the next level applications today by implementing the swift language!

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