Blogging with an iPad

The iPad has certain features that make it a great blogger companion – or should I say tool – but there are a few tweaks to make it the perfect thing on which to write and publish a blog, and there are certain decisions to make with regard to software too. Some of these will depend on personal preference, but some of them are true for every blogger, and it’s just that they haven’t been realised yet.

The Keyboard

– The first point to make with regard to the iPad is true of the last statement. Every blogger who is intending to write copious amounts of prose on their device should invest in an external keyboard. These keys are the most important piece to a writer. The lion share of their interactions with the iPad will be finger tips to the letters. Any person will recommend that a writer should use a real keyboard. It’s much easier on the finger tips. There are foldaway options to save on space, and some external keyboards are light enough not to be inconvenient. After all, it’s hardly worth having an iPad if it will be inconvenient to carry around, so ensure the chosen keyboard is in line with the sleek slim line philosophy of the iPad.

Blogging apps are, of course, going to be an important decision. There are more than a few out there. Here are a few that I think deserve a special mention:


– This is the sophisticated student’s choice. There are more specific and advanced options with regard to formatting with this application. It might take a little time to master, but if one is serious about the art of blogging then this time will be worth it. Images, videos, and links are easily introduced to the piece of writing.

– This application looks different from many other applications, and it may take a little time getting used to. Bearing in mind that a blogging application is like a good pair of shoes (in the sense that they will be worn day in and day out) then the blogger will get used to the differences and the application will soon feel normal.


– This application does most of what Blogsy can do, but it is simpler to use. It still has the professional and intellectual appeal that the previous application has, but some users might feel that this is the more user friendly option. It’s all about personal preference though.


– This application differs slightly in that the user is required to know how to write their own HTML code. This application does have the extra benefit of allowing the blogger to manage the comments section and edit their text far more easily than the previous two.

– These are the considerations to decide upon and to ensure that the iPad is the perfect machine on which one can write and publish blogs. The lightness of the machine and the long battery life make it the most desirable item for any type of writer. This article hopefully sheds some light on how a writer can make the most of it.

About the author:
Ted Garza is a professional teacher. In his free time he likes to write texts and articles on the topics of technology and also its implementation in everyday life for different websites (for example for iPad)

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