Check Hottest Web Design Trend for 2013

Thinking for future is just wasting of time; it would be smart to adopt the latest trends with the moving nature of technology. There are some expert figures out web design trend that enhance productivity of the website. In this blog, we are going to discuss the key web design trend in UK that helps novice as well as experienced developers to create unique and attractive website.


The type of font plays an important plays an important role to make website waste or best. In present days, we have seen a lot of fonts available for designers to select from. Now, it becomes much important for designer to select well-suited and trendy typography design while designing website. It would be predicted that typography becomes an essential part of web designing. With emerging trends of typography, designers will not able to replace text with images as they have to enhance attractiveness of website through typography. As typography is considered as the foundation of website, it will give a lot of importance while designing.

Responsive templates

There is no doubt responsive templates lead the web market as new kind of desktop and mobile devices are being launched. There are many different types of devices available in the market, so it is obvious that users demands for responsive designer and automatically it becomes trends for 2013. Having responsive template of designing, designers don’t have to waste time by create new design for every new device. Creating responsive design will take huge time, but it becomes boon for your client’s business. Using such templates, designers can adopt a new layout for different mobile and desktop devices. This latest trend is best for all the designers.

Promote Branding:

Businessman wants to highlight their brand to bring awareness among their customers. So, it is expected that now designers are going to focus more on designing the brand rather than simple website designing. Experienced designers have ability to choosing relevant things that well-matched with brands and improve the look of logo. Moreover, it is compulsory for business owner to choose such website that promote their brand and bring business for you.

Vertical Scrolling

For users, it is an important decision to take decision regarding websites’ optimization. In present days, we have seen loads of mobile website deliver vertical and horizontal scrolling or both type of scrolling. But, business person and users usually prefer vertical scrolling as it is easy to use and provide easy navigation functionality. It is also expected that the trend of vertical scrolling of menus and buttons may have in 2013 that will helpful while you are accessing website on your smartphone.

Implementation of Parallax Scrolling:

In present days, most of the designers are using parallax scrolling effects in their client’s website that are connected with video games only. Using such features while designing website gives direct over the of design objects available on the website.

Big Size Button:

In this year 2013, we surely see the trend of huge buttons as the ‘touch & tap’ is getting famous among users and developers as well. Previously, big size button is used to beautify web page, however now it becomes compulsory for every user. Having such buttons definitely make your tapping easier than before.

There are many other things that may or may not become web design trend in UK. But, we are sure to look above given trends in web designing. If you are thinking that we have missed anything in this blog, feel free to share with us. We would like to hear from you.

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