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Are you planning to develop an app? But developing an app in this tough and competitive market is a tedious job. So if you want to make a unique app you have to take care of some points and have to work upon them for making a great app.

Let’s discuss the basic points while desmobiligning a unique UI for your app:

What exactly UI design is?

User Interface design simply means a design which stays between users feel and graphic design. The first thing you have to notice that how your app makes your users feel, and then how rich it looks. Rich UI is the process which gives you the exact idea how your users will interact thru your app.

UI design and mobile

UI design existence is from long ago before iPhone was introduced, but after iPhone it made his importance more: with the help of iPhone the developers came to know the ability of using gestures and shortcuts, and this same thing was adopted by the other Smartphone manufacturers.

That following sense of touch was named as “Haptics” and today all the mobile apps are built with haptic features. User experience design for mobile apps are designed in a way that user can use gestures, for e.g. taps, shakes, swipe for navigation.

Configuring single finger touch is easy but it’s more complicated when two or three finger gestures come in mobile app development.

The touch target

When you developing mobile app you need to be aware about “touch target rules” – the basic rule, make a required space which finger needs to contact with screen.

Let’s take thumb as an example. So if you are using iPhone, your thumb works in one third of screen. While nowadays if you are using iPhone 6 plus your thumb at least need a space of 1CM or so that it can meet a target.

So if you’re still wondering that why many apps are having same User Interface Design – then touch zone is the best answer.

End of Skeumorphic design era

Macintosh phones, computers or laptops are relied on something known/called as Skeumorphic design.

Skeumorphic design means computer interface which exactly looks like the physical world object – for e.g. folder which stores multiple documents on your PC or Macintosh, same like the wooden shelf which we were using for maintaining books and the same design was originally designed for iBook store.

With IOS7 and IOS8 iPhone made a huge impact by such design: because they are so sure that we have so much familiar with devices now that now we don’t need “visual cues” for teaching this thing.

Apple wasn’t only the first one who moved out from this style of UI design; but Microsoft and android their style way before IOS7 was introduced.

I think the above document was useful to you for making a Rich UI design.

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