Common SEO Mistakes Designers Make

The goal of an SEO expert is to improve search engine optimization aspect for dynamic content management programs and Joomla websites. He/she gives SEO advice for web designers, website owners, and webmasters of web sites. SEO is a custom-made set of actions executed in a page-by-page manner to suit a web page’s specific goals. SEO experts separate a website into important and specific pages, depending on the keywords that they have identified through research. They link page titles, file names, page description, H1 tags and keyword Meta Tags to state a story matching the identified keywords. Still, designers and web masters make mistakes when doing SEO for clients’ websites.

Here we list out the common SEO mistakes that designers usually make.

Unsound titles

Titles play a vital role for a website’s page ranking on search engines. Search engines consider the title of a website first and make a general judgment on the contents the website includes. They minutely examine the page and ensure that the contents are matching the title, and allocate ranking on the basis of the matches they found. Titles are the best ways to inform the search engines what a web page includes, and they have great role in page ranking as well. Designers or SEO professionals are advised to put main identified keywords in the tiles as well as apply the rule of ‘stemming and leftward’. But, designing people often place bad or unsound titles that do not match the page content, Meta keywords and description for the website. Hence, the website tends to be ranked supplemental on search engines. This mistake should be avoided and page titles should be kept matching and unique.

Lack of links

Making an attractive and perfectly optimized webpage does not mean or assure high page ranking on search engine results. Incoming links or backlinks have great role to ensuring you SEO success, and creating links is the difficult aspect of SEO. The easiest way to achieve instant links is to use text advertising method. Another idea ‘Link Exchange’ does not work and it is a bad idea as well because the vote you get, you need to give one vote away. Moreover, if you happen to link to a black listed website, then Google will punish you substantially. But, many designers perform this common mistake to complete the project immediately. This has to be avoided and apply ‘one way’ link method in order to get good links for the website.

Keyword spamming and stuffing

Many website designers think that the main identified keywords should be there in every page of the site in the title, Meta tags and description. But, this does not work and rather professionals need to be more objective. They have to focus pages on a particular set of keywords they have identified from the keyword list. It is sometimes effective to using niche market terms in keywords. For example, ‘buy red oven Australia’. This would work as a good second or third tier search keyword phrase and so, you can get some good sales with these niche market terms.

Bad or Duplicate Content

Successful SEO is all about securing unique and relevant content for your website. But, many designers often duplicate content or use plagiarized content from other sites. Those websites dismally fail in search engine rankings. This mistake should be avoided and some unique and decent content must be placed on web pages that people will want to link to. If you want to drag a website out of the supplemental index of Google, then you need to ensure that the page titles, Meta keywords, descriptions and on-page content is unique and relevant.

Keyword Selection

This is considerably a major common SEO mistake that many designers make. Generally designers choose keywords based on their own likes and thoughts but, this do not work with potential customers who look for brand new products or services. They need to make the right keyword research and choose the major identified keywords before optimizing web pages with them. There are many paid keyword tools helping people to find right and good keywords. Identifying the target market is vital and SEO professional also need to figure out what the target audience actually search on when they look for products or services that a website offers.

Live Links

SEO people do not give much importance to getting ‘Live links’ for websites they deal. Using certain external tools like ‘Link Checker’ is good to ensure that all of the links on a website are live, functional and not sending 404 error pages to visitors. Besides, Page markup or HTML has to be checked and ensured for its effectiveness.

Bad internal page links

Many designers do not ensure that the anchor text linking to web pages is relevant to the target page. They have to ensure that the title tag is given with necessary information for each link. Since SEO people can have good control over the internal page links, they have to ensure that these links are relevant and match the link title and on-page with the main keywords of the target page.

Incoming link anchor text

Anchor text links are as important as that of incoming links. But, many designers do not give importance to this SEO aspect. The text needs to be targeted at the main identified keywords and the target page should be given with relevant and prominent keywords. SEO people have to ensure that the website they link from is relevant to the client’s website.

Lack of patience

Many designers think that they can optimize a website thoroughly ever as well as can stay number one for a search engine forever. Remember, SEO is not a short term job, rather it is a consistent improvement performed on clients’ websites. The job will go on generating unique content, checking and ensuring them with the search engines and listing them correctly. SEO firms always changes their ranking and rating programs and moreover, there are many other people giving support for website’s top page ranking on search engines. Therefore, designers have to improve and learn more to get high page ranking on search engines.

In conclusion, these are not the all-important mistakes that designers make but, these to be the major common mistakes made by them.

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