Designing Trends that are Likely to Uplift Web Business in 2013

The year 2012 gifted several trends to the world of Web designing, which brought up a revolutionary change in the approach of designing, especially with the responsive design trend. In late 2012, there were many stories of how many famous sites were undergoing a complete reformation in terms of designing, which is bound to have a viral effect this New Year. Well, the year 2013 will be the year of further progress whereby the entire virtual world will integrate HTML 5 coupled with the exciting new capabilities of CSS 3. Apart from that, some more trends are likely to influence the design strategies to reflect sophistication and ethos for user interfaces. Typically, these trends signify encouraging ideas to influence the thinking pattern of the designers. Here are some of these trends that will be accepted quickly!

Responsive Design

One of the primary reasons why HTML 5 has gained extensive recognition is its ability to enable Web sites that adjust automatically to fit on devices of small screen. This is technically termed as responsive design due to which you can view the site adjusting on a smartphone or tab. Famous blogs such as Mashable has already accepted this adjustment but it seems that 2013 will encourage more sites to take advantage of responsive designing. This must happen for the businesses to flourish because more people are now accessing the World Wide Web from smartphones and tablets. The underlying idea here is to consider the Web design as a sole canvas that is flexible and dynamic in nature. CSS3 coupled with HTML 5 enables designers to customize the sizes as per the limited screen.


Since some months, one of the biggest trends is to use big, stylized, and bold text to highlight vital points on the site. The actions buttons are now seen with improved designs featuring different font types. This is because of the quickly budding Typography market, which is evident in the form of @fontface integrated with CSS 3. Due to this, you can obtain any kind of template on the Web just by referencing the URL. Furthermore, typography and layouts as per the content are innately effortless to make responsive as compared to complicated layouts and Java Scripts.

Retina Display

One of the trends that will see an explosion in 2013 is designs for retina devices. This idea was first given by Apple with iPhone 4. Retina screens are usually twice as thick as an LCD, which means same amount of pixels physically but digitally twice of them are adjustable in the same physical area. This means that the designers who are pixel conscious need to form two sets: Image with double resolution and the same image in a standard version at half size. A bigger image scaled to the standard size shall appear quite crisp on retina screens.

Advanced Social Network Sharing

It is known that sites are now integrating social media for promoting its visibility and building its brand. However, it seems that this trend is going to take an advance step in 2013. It will no longer be restricted to sharing buttons but a deeper integration with social networks is expected. For example, this expansion may be seen in the form of ‘pay by tweet’, exploring other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and more advertising strategies.

Fixed Bars for Headers

The position: fixed property of CSS is ideal to clip a header bar on your site. This is because it will allow the visitors to scroll the page with constant navigation. Although this trend is not new, it is yet to take a prevalent form. Fixed headers are practically applicable to any site such as blogs and designs studios.

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Eduard Criley is a native designer who works for a Web designing agency. However, he is planning to be one of the smart Web designers who prefer incorporating only latest trends in designing Web pages for the World Wide Web.

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