Discover the Top 3 reasons why you want to have Social Networks Presence

Social networks are having a huge impact on the internet right now, these websites are establishing new ways for people to get connected like no other media before, the impact is so deep that almost every business, public figure, and brand is establishing a social profile in at least one or two social networks, and with a great reason in fact because social networks are revolutionizing the way the world connects, they offer an easy, fun, and free way for communication; besides, many of these networks count with video calls that can be made for free, and since these networks can be accessed from smartphones, everyday more and more people is making use of these circles.

Building a profile in the most famous social networks is easy and cheap, it literally takes minutes to get it ready and within no time you can be contacting someone who is just on the other side of the planet. A great advantage that social networks can provide is that most of them are fully customizable, which means that the look of a page can be set to fit any preferences; this is especially important for brands and businesses, because they can match their branding colors and logos into their social profiles and thus connect with people using their corporate image.

I regularly order food to my house using the social networks and profiles of my favorite restaurants, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. This means that some of their sales are being made because they are socially present. Whatever the target audience is social network profiles should be created following the main concept of a topic. This means that if your site is about sports, then the social profiles should feature images and messages of sports; if you are a rock band, profiles must be towards music; the trick is to make the social profile unique and very identifiable, this will help to connect with fans, friends and followers since they will recognize the style right away.

Learn what social networks can do for your business

I want to give you my take about why is that I see social networks as a must for any business, big or small it does not matter, because online you can compete side by side with the big brands of any niche. Just Facebook alone reached a billion active users in September of 2012, and Twitter reached 500 million active users in May of the same year; these numbers can give you a great idea of what you can do by growing a business’ social presence.

Let me share top three benefits of taking action right now on social networks:

– Grow your Audience: Being socially present increases your audience like no other media can do it. With just a simple click you can connect with the fans and followers of your competition, this is especially important because it is free, and thus more and more people have the opportunity to connect with you from their computer or mobile device.

– Traffic: Once that people know you and see what you have to offer, then they can access to your website very easy, the traffic that is generated from social networks is very special, people voluntarily access from your social pages to your site because they want to find out more of what you offer, so chances that you convert a visitor into a customer are increased with social networks.

– The other list: Many people say that the money is in the list, and this is true, the list simply refers to the people who subscribe to a blog or website in order to keep receiving more information in a regular basis, and each time a newsletter or content is added to the blog, all readers will know about it. Another way of building a list is through social networks; in fact it is a very intelligent way to do it, because many people do not subscribe to a list because they don’t want too many emails in their inbox, but with social networks they simply see the messages and nothing overloads their space.

The next step is taking action on Social Networks

Now that you know how useful social networks are, it is a good idea to start building your social profiles and thus connecting with more people every day. Just make you profiles look professional and real, this is the key to engage fans, followers, and friends, also don’t forget to deliver value through social networks as well, this means that these networks should not be used with the sole purpose of making business, which in fact can be perceived as spammy, instead you want to appear very normal and give the impression to people that they will follow a real human, someone that actually cares about them.

Social networks are more than just having fun and hanging with friends and followers; the potential is there if you want to make use of it; and the reality is that taking advantage of these great free tools online is a few clicks away. Don’t wait another day and start planning your social presence campaigns, discover the huge impact that these places can have, and ultimately increase the benefits of having a website.

What do you think about social networks? Are you thinking about starting to create social profiles? What has been your experience so far using Facebook, Twitter and other social places? Let us know what you think and leave a comment.

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