Websites are everything these days. But if your company’s website is slow then you lose on the prospective clients who might gain some intriguing knowledge from it.

Web development companies could follow some important points explained below inorder to improve their speed:-

  1. Loading time: This would be the time it takes for all of the information to download to your users’ devices.Ensure that the file size is not too big in order to speed up the download.
  2. Processing time: After the files are downloaded, they have to be processed and rendered by the browser. The only thing that web development companies can control is their own code which makes a big difference.
  3. Speed up your CSS:
    • Unused code: Whether you review and delete all old CSS manually, use automated tools to help you find unused CSS selectors.
    • CSS selectors:CSS selection completely depends on web development companies project in hand, the target demographics, etc.
    • Resource-heavy properties: Classic CSS propertieslike width,height,andcolor are fastest to render. CSS3 properties like box-shadow take longer.
    • CSS animations: CSS properties that are the fastest to animate are position, scale, rotation, and opacity.
    • Use CSS preprocessors: Such as LESS, SASS, and Stylus. But ensure that it is used correctly as they can generate larger stylesheets than you intended.
  4. Speed up your JavaScript:
    • JavaScript should almost always be external: Like CSS, it’s best to keep JS in external files, and linked into your HTML as these files get catched by the browser.
    • Include your JS files at the bottom of the page: Once done with this, by the time a user gets around to interacting with anything that requires JS, it should be ready to go.
    • Avoid frameworks and other dependencies if you can.
    • Turn JavaScript off: Not permanently. If there is any content or functionality on your site hidden away by JS and people access it without have JS enabled in their browsers.
    • Hire a developer: It’s cheaper in the long run to hire someone experienced to do the job right at once.

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