Facebook adds video calling to Messenger For iOS, Android And Web App

Gone are the days, when letters were the only way for communication among people, living far from each other. Nowadays, technology has taken a new dimension. Several ways has been evolved for communication online and offline.

One of the most efficient and premium means of communication online, is through Facebook, which is a social networking site having countless attractive features like sharing thoughts on wall, adding photos and videos on timeline, chatting,events and applications etc.

Facebook also has its innovative application known as Facebook messenger, which can be installed on any android device andallows all the features like that of Facebook like chatting,posting updates, photos, videos, adding pages of interest, communities, groups, events and much more.

Users are able to make voice calls for talking with each other. But, the most eye-catching service which Facebook has will add to its messenger is video calling function, which will allow its users to have face – to – face chat with their friends.

Some sensational features of video calling:

  • Users will be easily able to select the video calling icon from the top of the messenger, and in one click they will be able to share their words by looking at each other.
  • It will allowiOS users and android usersto have video calling with each other.
  • It will function through Wi – Fi as well as other internet connections and also when there are weak signals.
  • It will allow users to upgrade conversations from text to video.
  • Users will be able to save their data usage by turning off their video option, when not needed, but will be able to see video of their friends.

Be ready to cherish the best moments of your lives,via new fascinating Facebook messenger app i.e. video calling.

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