Free Website Vs. Facebook – Which First?

Creating web development company requires a lot of things to handle it more effectively. Putting up a brick-and-mortar type of business can be challenging, but the involvement of the internet serves as an additional challenge for anyone who wants to reach their online market. The concept of business may be simple for those who are really into business, but it becomes complicated when the expected results do not coincide with the real results. This is probably because of the lack of understanding on how the market operates as well as the improper usage of solutions available.

Businesspeople, with the advancement in technology, have become more modern when it comes to selling products or services. The internet has become part of their business world and many have recognized that. Though the World Wide Web offers business opportunities, only those who are familiar with effective solutions and with business skills get the most of what the internet has to offer. As time goes by, more social networking sites have created and communicating with others are now easier to do. These sites are used by the majority of users to make updates about their lives by always posting whatever they are doing. These users may only care about the nature of the networking sites. However, there are those who think more than that. The entrepreneurs think better opportunities with the use of social network sites.

Using Networking Sites Like Facebook: Advantages And Disadvantages

Businesspeople get advantages in networking sites. Some of the benefits they get may include:

    – Free marketing: Since networking sites like Facebook connects with a lot of people, entrepreneurs take advantage of it to find more prospects. Since they do not need to take more effort to do so as the networking sites do the promotion for them, getting the most of the opportunities in these sites may improve their businesses as there are people who may get to see their products and services without spending money for promoting their businesses

      – Effortless strategy: Businesspeople just have to create their Facebook accounts and start selling their products by posting their business on the social networking site. It is a strategy to sell without putting so much pressure on promoting their businesses.

        – Easy accessibility: Creating Facebook accounts is done without difficulties. You just have to signup, write and then post, and everything will be done. If you make use of this type of site, then you do not need to put yourself under pressure by creating your own website. In addition, you may not guarantee success if you choose to make your own site to promote your business than using Facebook as the medium to spread your business to a network of people

        Though there are benefits of using Facebook to sell the business, there are also negative things that you have to be aware of including:

          – Spread like a virus: Since it is a networking site, spreading of something is just a matter of posting it on Facebook and everyone in the network of friends will learn about it as quick as possible. If a customer is unsatisfied with the products that he bought, then he would probably post his feelings and everyone will know it. If you choose networking sites for your business, then you have to be prepared of the potential drawbacks that you will be experiencing. An army of friends on Facebook can really hurt your business.

            – Not convincing enough: Potential customers may have doubts or they may feel that you do not have a good foundation in your business as you are only depending on the free benefit of using the networking site. Some may probably ignore you.

              – No control: You don’t own the networking site and it may change policies or lose data. It may also go out of business.

                Lastly, there is no need to maintain the site because it is not yours in the first place.

                Creating Your Own Website: Advantages And Disadvantages

                On the other hand, creating your own website has its own share of positive and negative things. As for the positive effects of free website, these include:

                  Own design and format: If you create your own business website, then you have the power to manipulate everything from the designs to the content. You have full control of everything on your website.

                    – Promote at full potential: Since it is your website, you can promote as you like. You may put all your effort in promoting your business in your own website.

                      – Development of long-term strategy: You may develop a better strategy on the long run as well as establish your business. Moreover, you may develop loyal customers

                      As for the negative effects, these include:

                        – Creation of your website: You may have a difficult time creating your own designs and patterns. It may also cost you more if you hire people to design your site. It would be better if you are a web developer. You will have to make more time developing it, but at least you do not need to spend more money when you can create it on your own.

                          – Slow promotion: Promoting your business via your own website may be slow and frustrating unless you consider online marketing strategies that will improve your online presence and eventually attract as many customers as possible.

                            – Maintenance: You will maintain your own site. If you won’t, then who else will

                            If you are in a dilemma whether to choose a networking site or create your own website, then it is easier to decide when you evaluate the positive and negative things you get. You may choose the one over the other if you think that you get more benefits than problems. However, you always have the choice to choose both. If you do, then you will get the benefits for using a social networking site like Facebook as well as the benefits you get for creating your own website. As for the negative effects you get, find ways to address it more effectively.

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