Google New Algorithm – Hummingbird

Have you all noticed the recent update of Google that it offers up direct answers to your questions? If so: then they recently switched to a new algorithm which they call “Hummingbird”, which particularly focuses on parsing searches as complex questions.

Today, first time Google mentioned the new algorithm, at an event which was hosted in the garage that Larry and Sergey rented as Google started to prove successful. Other things announced including a tweak to Google’s Knowledge Graph which allows handling comparison questions and Push Notifications for Google which is now available on IOS.

Even though asking a good amount of questioning from the audience on just how Hummingbird worked, Google avoids itself being too technical. While they did say that this was the biggest overhaul of their engine since the 2009 “Caffeine” overhaul (this focused more on speed and integrating social network results into search) and this will affect “around 90% of searches”, previously which wasn’t much offered in terms of technical details.

The new algorithm allows Google for parsing full question quickly which aims focus and something that went repeated many a time (as opposed to parsing searches word-by-word), and this identifies and rank answers to those questions from the content which they had indexed.

As this will affect results, anyhow for now, moving forward: the engine overhaul was silently put in place weeks ago, right under our eyes. If you didn’t noticed any jumps or search engine placement, you probably won’t any time soon — at least, not as a result of the new algorithm.

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