Google Penguin Updates 2.0 Goes Deep

Google Penguin 2.0 is a large update in Google algorithm, which is promising to go deeper as compared to Penguin update in 2012. This affected those websites which has lot of manipulative links. This creates fear for small businesses that are totally dependent on Search Engine Optimization for their daily earnings.

The latest Penguin 2.0 update focuses on search results and goes into your website deeply to check the quality of the content. Besides this it also focuses on the following:

– Black hat techniques: Penguin 2.0 update aims to eliminate black hat webspams.
– Advertorials: The ads which are paid and are not having organic results will be affected.
– Link spammers: Google Penguin 2.0 update focuses on link analysis, so as to discard the link spammers’ value.
– Google Authority verification: You can see the little improvement to your site, if you have Google authentication as Google wants to rank only those websites which have authority

Google Penguin 2.0 update recently trapped those websites which have made use of the above techniques to rank well. Now, the question arises, Is SEO enough to recover from this update? Most of the SEO experts or SEO companies are thinking about the strategies in response to this penguin update 2013 and finding out the truth is important. Google is beating the drum loudly with the same messages that are:

– Create an attractive and great website
– Make a unique content which is highly useful to the user.
– Visitors will automatically visit your site and stay on it for longer time.

But, in reality, the visitors don’t come automatically. It requires some involvement of promotional activities. Many websites have lost their place in search result pages due to the lack of promotional activities. And this is the matter of contradiction in SEO.

Long term existence of internet marketing and SEO:

Webmasters are still struggling a lot for transmitting link building strategies to real SEO strategies. They are not able to see that SEO in 2013 is not an alone activity but has now become an integral part of Internet Marketing.

Today, SEO is about getting recognition, back links via, Content marketing, spreading socially. This tells that SEO has now become an ongoing, strategic and an integrated approach. SEO was previously considered as an isolated, technical and one time approach.

Real SEO Strategy

Real SEO strategies are recommended to those who fear Penguin update 2.0. Here are the activities which should be performed every month so as to attain real SEO:

  1. Identify the demand of audience continuously: Your SEO will not be successful if it is not useful. For this, webmasters must understand the need of audience or must able to guess what the users are seeking for. Since, keyword research has always been considered crucial. While searching for the keywords, not only give attention to the head terms or major keywords but you must also focus on the keywords which are lengthy as they can give immediate results and increases the width of the website and builds the authority.
  2. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is one of the recent techniques of link building. Content Marketing is the method of sharing the valuable information and as a result earns back links, recognition and social spread. Excellent content is liked by the audience and the user search for the content written by that author. Besides this, video is another form of marketing your information or content, which is often ignored by small businesses.
  3. Promote your brand: Brand promotion has some traditional marketing benefits and now it helps in SEO. But be sure not to turn content marketing into an authorization, as it mingles the line. To drive branding, make use of press releases by giving any updated information or announce the events which is news worthy.


The advent of Google Penguin update 2013 has scared the small businesses, but SEO remains as the best Internet Marketing channel. Real SEO is the perfect path for those who want to make long run investment in internet marketing.

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