How much does a responsive web design affects its ROI?

The new revolution in the world of technology by Ethan Marcotte has led to evolve with a new trend in web design. However, the responsive website development solutions are currently the most popular trend.

In the earlier years it was not so mentioned or a mandatory feature into the website. But after the year 2010, it has steadily reached the most valuable features into the website nowadays.

It has evolved in such a way as the world is now moving to mobiles and tablets more then on desktop. You can even predicts that people are lacking behind time nowadays so they more prefer to go for mobile usage hence getting the responsive more popular.

Many a times CSS properties are found to scale an image to various screen sizes, although the browser still downloads the full-sized version.This problem arises because of limited bandwidth.

What actually are Responsive images?

They actually are bitmapped artwork that’s downloaded at a size or pixel density appropriate for the user’s display.Hence the images appears crispy on the desktop but not in mobile or tablet.

Using responsive image technique you can deliver a high-resolution image to a high-density display and a standard-resolution image to others.

Responsive website design company india, type the keyword and get the list of your solution for the companies that can provide you website solutions.

There are 3 variations of image you can deliver i.e

  • Smaller version for smart phones
  • High-density version for tablets
  • Standard-density version for desktops

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