How to Go With Link Baiting In 2013

Link Baiting helps websites immensely in getting good amount of traffic. For SEO people the term is quite familiar. But with the frequent changes in the search engines’ ranking algorithms link bait campaign too changes its shape a bit.

Here let’s discuss the past, present and future of this useful technique. After reading this post you will know how to proceed with this strategy to produce more traffic for your website.

Link Baiting

    – According to Matt Cutts, Link Bait is something “interesting enough to catch people’s attention”.

    – Generally speaking Link Bait is a specifically designed content or any feature of a website that gains others’ attention to link back to the website.

    – Link baiting comes under the most famous Link Building technique and aims at building high quality and relevant links to the website. Link bait involves incorporating mini-PR campaign

    – Being viral (able to replicate itself) it’s always a good web-marketing strateg.

    Latest tips and tricks

      1. Sources matter the most.

          – There are actually many sources of finding the most breaking stories out of which your own brain is the priority #1. Never ignore your brain, listen to it and try to shape your thinking to useful posts.

          – Then the turn goes to your surroundings. Are you finding some resource out of which you can really build ideas? If so, rush into it. Apply your insights and make very interesting and likeable posts from your ideas.

          – While being in the Internet era how can we ignore the web source? It’s really a great source of finding inspiring topics from larger audiences. Even if the news getting most likes has already been published, you can still redesign a brand new post out of that. Simply you need to present it in style and with skills

          2. Brainstorming – A word that works.

              – Brainstorming is a very good way of generating breaking story. Involvement of some people in a conference for and open discussion gives rise to many different open ideas. Take those and publish in an interesting way.

              – Say NO to larger groups. Because involving too many people in the discussion may not yield any result. In larger groups the problem is most participants don’t contribute effectively.

              – Individual brainstorming happens to be very productive most of the times. Here you get enough time to concentrate on your own ideas to make them count high.

                  3. Develop Contents that would be liked and shared by people.

                    – Today in order to get attention be either best or the worst. In either way you can get peoples’ attention and attention means flow of traffic to your website. But it’s advisable to turn from worst to best after the initial period is over as you can’t get continuous traffic with bad humour or with bad contents.

                    – That best-or-worst game is a mere marketing ploy to get only the attention. But users only look for purity in your contents. Remember “contents are developed only to entertain people; not to make brand value”.

                    – Your posts are real, original and high in quality means you will be in a deluge of traffic; or else you have to pay dollars for one single drop.

                    4. Give services & products for FREE.

                        – People irrespective of any class want to get things for free. So help online visitors avail some small apps or widgets for free. This way you can get lots of shares and many incoming links.

                        – Not to forget, more links means better page rank which is your ultimate aim.

                        5. Get it Going..!!!

                            – Keep the process running. Be it the case of heavy flow of links or less or no link; always keep sharing your posts through social media. Let people know about your stuff.
                            – Like on facebook, circle through Google+, tweet on Twitter, Pin in Pinterest, Link in LinkedIn and so on. Do it regularly. Let the hungry fishes find the lure.

                            These are few effective ways to use link baiting technique for the sure benefits to get good traffic to the websites. If done properly, it will turn out to be very effective for websites to rank well on search engines.

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