How to Use Email Marketing Effectively

Many internet marketers don’t think that email marketing is an actual thing, they count on tweets, “likes” and “+1” buttons. Many experts in e-commerce branch concentrate upon fashionable tools. They call email an old-fashioned and dull thing. You know, I supported such thought not long ago, but not I have changed my mind. It was a mistake. I am sure it is stupid to refuse from a great method for products and services promotion. So why is e-mail marketing an actual topic?

Great audience

E-mail is still one of the most popular channels for the information exchange in the web. According to different data about 70-80% of internet users check their email boxes more than 6 times a day. It confirms that e-mail is still the most reliable method for connection with the audience.

People prefer email

Facebook and other social networks is a great tool to search old friends and new meetings. Twitter gives an opportunity to comment real-time events all over the world. But e-mail is still a traditional tool for business matters discussion. According to ExactTarget researches 77% of internet users prefer to receive business-messages via email. Your end users got accustomed to use social platforms for communication and e-mail for business.

Email marketing brings results

Using of the email can really increase the effectiveness of the small business in the Internet. For example, start of the new campaign will be more successful in social media, if you send letters with notifications to your friends.

How to use email marketing for business promotion

Make a base of emails. It is strange, but some entrepreneurs don’t have any list of their clients’ addresses. The others rarely refresh such list or don’t watch its relevance.

Start from making two lists. The first one will be for emails of existing clients and the second one is for potential clients. It won’t cause difficulties for you. Don’t buy ready email bases. All researched prove that such mailing lists are ineffective. It is better to encourage your site visitors to subscribe and leave their real emails.

Organize newsletters. Use the simplest method to start email marketing campaign. You can just send newsletter once a month. Just share with useful information about your path to leadership with your clients, partners and potential clients. After coping with monthly newsletters, try to make several special newsletters. This process is labor-intensive, but it is the thing which can bring a great result. Create and send letters to your clients which are able to help them to solve some problems, concerning to your activity. But send around letters only to signers, it will give you a chance to work with reasoned audience.

Appraise the results. Estimate the effectiveness of the email marketing in order to understand how this tool works and what results it can bring. After organizing informational and special newsletters, think about leads fixing, which generate this channel.

In conclusion I can say that email marketing lost its popularity because of alternative methods developing. But it remains one of the most effective ways to “reach” your target audience.

About the author: Among all the hobbies, Melisa Marzett has chosen writing. She is successful in it, as we can see from the articles she produces. The travels around the world, the impressions and knowledge acquired, made her interested in sharing the information she has with the people around her. This interest became her main purpose in life, to which she dedicated most of her time. You are welcome to visit her site

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