How to Write a Blog Post to attract more Visitors

Let’s know how to grow business by writing a blog post in 5 easy steps that every visitor will be wanting to read. Here are the steps:

1. Careful Planning

You should remember that the whole process of blog post writing may take a couple of hours even if you have good typing speed. Because you have to carefully plan the entire article and then write. You need to make sure that you have researched enough before you start writing. Here are the stops to plan it:

– Choose the topic

– Write an outline about the topic

– Do your research

– Verify the facts that you are including

2. Headlines

Every reader reads a headline and then starts writing the post, ONLY IF THE HEADLINE IS INTERESTING. Well, there are two ways by which you can write headline of your post. One, you decide the headline first and then write the rest of the post. Two, you write the post first and then see which title suits the post.

3. The Writing Part

Once you have executed above two steps, you are ready to write the blog post. As we saw in headlines, there are two ways to write a blog post. One, you write the entire draft in one single sitting. Two, you write the post in small parts. You can follow whichever way is suitable to you.

4. Using Images Effectively

People don’t really want to read those large paragraphs. Instead, they love to see some visual simulation. It is so important to include some attractive images in your post along with the well-formatted blog post. Images make great punchlines and make complex topics easily understandable.

5. The Ending Part

The ending part is the hardest one in the entire blog post. People just make following mistakes,

-Repetition of certain words or phrases

-Wrong flow

-Grammatical mistakes

-Not proofreading it

All these mistakes should not be happened in order to make your blog post perfect.

That’s all! Blogging is a very easy job if you follow certain rules. Everyone can be a pro blogger with time and practice.

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