How To Write For Visitors And For Links? Useful Tips For Bloggers!

The growing trend of using social media for individual as well as business purpose is affecting the business blogging trend. Businesses can use social platforms to post short pieces of writing or about any new happening. It’s true that social media is a great tool to market certain products and no one can ignore using it. However, blogging serves wide range of purposes that social media can’t do.

Blogging benefits are usually industry specific. Two main areas that blogging influences will be discussed in the lines below.

– Blogging for visitors
– Blogging for links

Blogging For Visitors

In the start, blogs were the only way to communicate with the site visitors or the prospective customers. Businesses use blogs to provide the users with updated news about their products, industry news, holidays, and everything that is related to the business.

The businesses diverting towards only social media from blogging are missing big opportunities. The important thing is to consider the expectations of the visitors while visiting a blog. Social media has made blog a place where one comes for in depth information, not for the daily special. It’s important to know the expectations of the coming visitors and the blog should be made accordingly.

Blogging for current visitors

For current visitors, there is no need to post the blogs on daily basis. That’s the social media approach. The main objective of a blog is to tell the visitors that you know something and they can trust you for the daily updates. You, as the blogger, can discuss something outside your particular niche, but be relevant to the main field of the business.

Blogging for new visitors

As blog posts are on the main website domain, so it can be used to divert great site traffic. The traffic can be diverted towards the conversion-oriented web pages. No doubt, such kind of blogging helps a website in building trust among the targeted customers so that they could move on to other pages of a website.

Blogging For Links

Blogging provides the website owners to create relevant pages of their business where timely information is delivered, instead of just supporting the sales cycle. The corporate website should facilitate the site visitors to enter the conversion funnel. The blog having information copy can offer great support for that objective.

By providing the visitors with information of their interest, website can get internal link points. The most useful link appears when someone finds the most relevant information on a blog or on Facebook and shares that on his or her own website as a resource. It will give rise to more links generated manually.

Using content distribution system is another approach to generate links for the blog posts. Zamanta is a good option to go for. It’s not like paying on the basis of per link, but purchasing the impressions of content being presented in front of bloggers who use keywords as the writing base.

How To Keep The Blog Fresh?

In the lines below, you will come across some useful tips to keep the blog fresh as well interesting for the targeted audiences.

News events

Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to stay up to date with the latest happenings of the industry. Providing the site visitors with new stuff is a good way to let them visit your website again and again.

Product launches

Look for the products that could affect SEO and provide relevant information at the blog.

Follow latest Google trends

Look at the major industry trends and also what the industry leaders are discussing. For volume, focus writing for the visitors and for authorities, write to get links. All it’s meant to become more authoritative.

Blogging is beneficial for a business website, but the need is to follow some strict schedule. Go for the blogging volume that you can keep pace with: one post per week is a good start. Do categorise the content so that people could find what they are actually looking for.

Keep one thing in mind for blogging and that is content should be of high quality; otherwise, it won’t be helpful either for attracting the visitors or for getting links.

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